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These are the 4 best features of iOS 13, hands down

Jul 23, 2019 · 8:23 PM
Tyler Hayes
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iPhone and iPad users got plenty of new features with the release of the newest operating system, but which are the most important?
Each summer, Apple unveils a revised mobile operating system that powers its phones and tablets. When iOS 13 debuted this year, it not only had to impress on its own, but had to keep improving speed and stability for older devices. (I've dabbled with the public beta, but the official iOS 13 release will be in the fall of 2019.)
Overall, iOS 13 seems to address most people's needs, but the list is exhaustive. In narrowing the list to four essential features, here are ones you'll want to try first.

1. Redesigned Photos app

Before: The Photos app on iPhones is one of the most used apps, without question. It has the straight-forward task of displaying thousands of photos, without over complicating it. Before iOS 13, the Photos section seemed like a duplicate view of the 'All Photos' album.
After: The photos tab has been redesigned, subtly and tastefully, to highlight the time a photo was taken. A top bar separates photos by years, months, and days, and shows some of those best photos—based on AI.
The result is a much more helpful photo viewing experience. Because of the frequency with which most people use the Photos app, the improvements didn't need to be major. It just needed to be a refinement in surfacing memories.

2. Memoji, Animoji, and personalized emoji

Before: Memoji and Animoji were a visually compelling use of augmented reality when they launched, but they lacked real use. Especially after you'd spent a few minutes looking at your self with a dragon head.
Memoji, beyond Animoji, have clearly been an attempt at getting a piece of Snap Inc.'s Bitmoji. (Bitmoji lets people turn themselves into animated characters.)
Image via Apple.com
After: Memoji and Animoji have gained the ultimate placement, which is right at the front of the emoji keyboard. If you create a Memoji, the system automatically positions your face to mimic the most popular emoji faces, like crying laughing and heart eyes.
What was a neat item in iOS 12 has become a compelling reason to update your Apple device immediately. It's not just about fun anymore, either. The august Wall Street Journal suggests that you can be using animated emoji even in professional settings.

3. Bluetooth audio sharing

Before: Sharing wired earbuds, with one person each using one side, is an iconic image of music and friendship (or love)–not to mention a sentimental Apple AirPods commercial.
Wireless earbuds didn't really kill this sentiment. Rather, it was the removal of the headphone jack that limited audio sharing.
After: Apple took away the headphone jack on its devices. Now it's creating a wireless solution for certain use cases.
It is marketed as sharing what you're listening to two sets of AirPods, but really this will work with any Bluetooth headphones paired to the phone.
Beyond a neat trick of two people being able to share music, this enhancement of Bluetooth functionality could really come in handy. It's now possible to watch a movie on an airplane together despite iPads and iPhones losing their headphone jack.
Image via Apple.com

4. iPadOS as a laptop

Before: The iPad has had incredible potential since its release, but been lacking in a few major ways for productivity, especially after the release of powerful iPad Pros. Multitasking and web browsing have been the two major enhancements iPad power users have wanted for some time.
After: Right on cue, Apple has delivered both multitasking and web browsing improvements in the form of a new operating system, iPadOS.
Safari is enhanced to provide a closer experience to a desktop browser, with a much better way of displaying web pages. As iPads have always been a great browsing machine, these advancements should remove some frustrations while providing even better website support.
Multitasking also got a big bump in the form of multiple slide-over apps and multiple windows of the same app. On a desktop it's not uncommon to have a few Safari windows open, but doing so on an iPad was never easy—until now.

How much will these features improve Apple devices?

These four features are reason enough to upgrade to iOS 13 on Day 1. It's easy to overwhelmed by the dozens of improvements to your phone, but these ones should make daily use much more convenient.
New iOS updates are released in the fall, and you can expect the same for iOS 13.

Tyler Hayes is an independent creator and not a representative of Bing or Microsoft.

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