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  • Asociación Comunidad Hispanohablante de NVDA
    Civil rights, social action, & advocacy | Pl. Miraflor, 4-4B Fuenlabrada, M 28944
    Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a screen reader for Microsoft Windows, a product used by blind people to access computers with this operating system through real-time speech synthesis and braille. It was created in Australia in 2006 by NV Access and is currently the most widely used and recognized free and open source screen reader in the industry. The NVDA Spanish-speaking Community Association was formed in 2020 in Spain to provide coverage for the website, created in 2017, and its associated activities. Since then, a group of Spanish-speaking volunteers have maintained this project, which responds to the need to establish a central point with resources for users, developers and civil society in general, from all Spanish-speaking countries. It is developed through different ways of action: - website: central axis and main channeling of the project. It gave rise to the rest of the elements and serves as a brand of what is currently the Association. It contains day by day the latest news about NVDA, as well as updates on the resources originally available in English, which we also translate. - Translation: all active members of the Spanish and Galician translation teams are associated with the Association. We also maintain regular contact with the Aragonese translator through a coordination working group. As mentioned above, the work of this team, in addition to the NVDA interface and documentation in these languages, is reflected in the web, in the translations of development documents and all kinds of information about NVDA that is published in English. Additionally, translation also comes into play in the marketing of the official NVDA training books entirely in Spanish. - Community: we maintain active accounts in the main social networks, through which we disseminate the contents of and others that we consider of interest to the project's target audience. We also manage the NVDA en Español mailing list, which with almost 400 members is the most recognized in this field. In addition, the website supports any external collaboration, for example, a tutorial on how to use a particular application with NVDA prepared by a user who requests its publication. - Technical support: free service via email at and via Twitter, among other platforms. It answers all types of technical queries from users, developers and accessibility auditors, among other categories of interested parties, translating and forwarding incidents to the appropriate international body if necessary. In this field, several pilot tests have also been carried out with users with a view to implementing a system that allows people with no knowledge of English to take the exam leading to NVDA Expert certification, which is only available in that language. - Training: several training projects have been developed related to the introduction to NVDA for sighted people and to the introduction to add-on development, with Python, for NVDA users. - Development: in addition to training we provide other resources to NVDA add-on developers, such as technical advice, hosting on GitHub, guidance on the international community add-on verification process... - Events: in 2018 we created the annual Spanish Meetings of NVDA Users and Developers, aimed at bringing together the entire Spanish-speaking community in a telematic days to learn together and share experiences. The objective is achieved through a series of presentations, given by people of different profiles who send their proposal, and an open discussion forum available throughout the duration of the meeting. - Commercial: we market the Nuance vocalizer synthesizer for NVDA, which allows high-quality voices to be added to the screen reader, and the official NVDA training books, which we translate ourselves under a partnership agreement. The rest of the funding comes from donations. - International cooperation: we try to keep up to date with the situation in the different Spanish-speaking countries. In this sense, we have met with certain users from particularly disadvantaged or minority territories such as Equatorial Guinea or Cuba, to whom we provide various tools for distribution in the local community and with whom we are still in contact.
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