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    Animals | 1733 WOODSIDE RD STE 330 REDWOOD CITY, CA 94061-3463
    Koko was born in the San Francisco Zoo in 1971 and spent the first six months of her life in the nursery of the children’s zoo behind a glass window where the public could see her and where Penny Patterson, then a Stanford graduate student, met her. From age six months to one year Koko was critically ill and moved to a trailer on zoo property. Penny began working with Koko when she recovered her health, and requested permission from the zoo to continue working with her as part of her Ph.D. research in psychology at Stanford University. The zoo agreed as long as Penny agreed to make at least a "4-year" commitment. In 1974 Koko and her trailer were moved to Stanford University where Penny and Dr. Ron Cohn continued to work with her, and they have been together ever since. Michael, a male gorilla, joined Koko in 1976, and in 1979 the whole group moved to Woodside, CA where Ndume, a second male gorilla joined the group in 1991. In the years since 1971, Penny (Dr. Patterson) has spent her life caring for Koko and the two male gorillas (Michael and Ndume) and has established highly empathic relationships with them that may be difficult to replicate due to the commitment required. A successful program such as this requires using language during daily documented interactions, as well as the ability to "listen" to the gorillas and discern their meanings. Few people have the patience, stamina, and sensitivity to achieve this. With Penny’s help, Koko has learned to use over 1,000 signs and seems to understand approximately 2,000 spoken English words. Further, Koko understands these signs sufficiently well to adapt them or combine them to express new meanings that she wants to convey. Gorilla Michael, who grew up with Koko and passed away in the year 2000 at age 27 (of cardiomyopathy), became similarly fluent in sign language, highly proficient at painting, and established that Koko is not unique — such capabilities previously thought to be beyond gorillas and other great apes are now seen as intrinsic. Ndume has also learned a number of words from both Koko and her caregivers, and studies of zoo gorillas have revealed a natural gestural communication system that appears to be quite complex. Moreover, other ape language studies have revealed similar capabilities in other great apes (see interspecies communication). Thus, with over 4 decades of multimedia research data accumulated, and more being collected daily, the challenge is to learn as much from our fellow great apes as possible and to enable the dialogue to continue beyond the scope of "Project Koko" for the benefit of all species concerned.
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    Animals | 3220 Cherryridge Rd Englewood, CO 80113
    MGCF introduced wildlife veterinary medicine back in 1986 through the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project or Gorilla Doctors. In 1996, MGCF developed a working relationship with the Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda and opened the WARM Department (Wildlife Animal Resources Management) for the teaching of wildlife medicine to the Africans make the project self sustainable. Today, many students have graduated and are working with wildlife in many national parks around the central African region. These Veterinarians have also created an organization called, The Uganda Wildlife Veterinary Network. It turns out that on-site vets are one of the biggest reasons that these animals are making a comeback. The Ruth Keesling Wildlife Health and Research Center; A first of its kind for Africa's wildlife. Opened in September 2013, the facility will drastically increase the educational support system for teaching African's about Wildlife Veterinary Medicine. The Center has a state of the art lecture facility for large class room capacity. Two research laboratory building which house a total of eighteen labs all designed for researching wildlife infectious diseases. The fourth building is designed for grant research and post graduate office space. The basement houses the Bio Hazard Lab for the safe containment of wildlife infectious diseases and monitored by USAID's Predict professional staff.
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    Sports and recreation | 2399 MEADOWBROOK RD STE 301 BRIDGEPORT, WV 26330-9017
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    Animals | 113 HAMILTON RIDGE DR MARYVILLE, TN 37801-2513
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    Animals | 800 CHEROKEE AVE SE ATLANTA, GA 30315-1470
    Founded by Dian Fossey in 1978, we are dedicated to the conservation and protection of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. We are committed to promoting Mountain gorilla in Rwanda continued research on the gorillas and their threatened ecosystems and to providing education about their relevance to the world in which we live.The Fossey Fund's Karisoke™ Research Center has been protecting and studying gorillas for more than 45 years, never leaving even during the most difficult times.
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    Sports and recreation | 220 LAKE SHORE DR S MARYLAND, NY 12116-1905
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    Sports and recreation | 3618 WAGGONER AVE EVANSVILLE, IN 47714-5465
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    Youth development | 309 E DEFENBAUGH ST KOKOMO, IN 46902-1656
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    Legal | 9147 S NORMAL AVE CHICAGO, IL 60620-2300
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    Sports and recreation | 21490 SHERIDAN RUN ESTERO, FL 33928-3266
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