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A.K. Hangal

  • Feb 01, 1914 - Aug 26, 2012 (age 98)
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A.K. Hangal
PersonalAugust 2012

A.K. Hangal

A.K. Hangal passed away.
MovieJun 22, 2005


Paheli (English: Puzzle) is a Bollywood fantasy film …
Paheli (English: Puzzle) is a Bollywood fantasy film released in India on 24 June 2005. It is a remake of the 1973 Hindi movie Duvidha by Mani Kaul. It was directed by Amol Palekar and produced by Juhi Chawla, Aziz Mirza, Sanjiv Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan, who also plays the male lead. Paheli is based on the short story written by Vijayadan Detha in Rajasthani language and tells the story of a wife (Rani Mukerji) who is left by her husband (Shah Rukh Khan) and visited by a ghost, disguised as her husband, who is in love with her and takes her husband's place. Sunil Shetty, Juhi Chawla, Rajpal Yadav and Amitabh Bachchan have supporting roles in the film.
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Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India
MovieJun 15, 2001

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

The rains have failed, and …
The rains have failed, and the people of a small Indian village in Victorian India hope that they will be excused from paying the crippling land tax that their British rulers have imposed. Instead, the capricious British officer in charge challenges them to a game of cricket, a game totally alien and unknown to them. If they win, they get their wish; if they lose, however, the increased tax burden will destroy their lives. The people are terrified, but one man thinks the challenge is worth staking their entire future on. Will he convince the villagers to give it their best shot?
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Mera Yaar Mera Dushman
MovieMay 12, 1987

Mera Yaar Mera Dushman

The story is on narcotics and …
The story is on narcotics and their illegal smuggling and involvement of the staff of big industries ,who are harassed by rising prices and low wages.The story opens with Zarina Wahab being forced into narcotics smuggling by her brother-in-law Sujit Kumar ,due to her wheel chair ridden sister Beena Banerjee.Meanwhile Rakesh Roshan's father makes him take over his business ,much to the chagrin of A.K. Hangal and Sujit Kumar who embroil him in the murder of Union leader Ramesh Deo by switching off the lights.A.K.Hangal has a factory to prepare drugs with the use of Acids.Rakesh Roshan's good business is used to enroute drugs. Mithun is in love with Bindiya Goswami who is the sister of Rakesh Roshan.She helps him to catch the actual killer by guiding him to the place where her brother is imprisoned by Sujit Kumar with drugs.Will they know who killed Ramesh Deo and who fired the second bullet ?
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A.K. Hangal
BirthFebruary 1914

A.K. Hangal

A.K. Hangal was born.
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