Abe Lyman

  • Aug 04, 1897 - Oct 23, 1957 (age 60)
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Abe Lyman
PersonalOctober 1957

Abe Lyman

Abe Lyman passed away.
Sarge Goes to College
MovieMay 13, 1947

Sarge Goes to College

A Marine Sergeant …
A Marine Sergeant wounded in overseas combat service, requires an operation, and Navy psychiatrist Captain R. S. Handler, recommends to Marine Captain Russ Morgan and Colonel Winters that "Sarge" be given a few weeks rest before hospitalization. Through Dean McKinley of San Juan Junior College, Sarge enters the school on a temporary basis. The teenagers are rehearsing a school show and Freddie is worried because they have no band. Freddie, Dodie Rogers and Betty Rogers find Sarge asleep in the park, and the girls put him up at their house when they learn he can't find a room. Betty has a row with boyfriend Roy , and in order to make him jealous gets Freddie to invite her to the school dance after telling Freddie that his girlfriend Dodie is going with Sarge. Many misunderstandings follow but all is well when Sarge gets his marine captain to bring his band over to the school for the school's BIG SHOW.
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Junior Prom
MovieMay 11, 1946

Junior Prom

A rich man's son is running for student body president in …
A rich man's son is running for student body president in the local high school, and the boy's father tells the school principal that if his son wins the election, he'll make a sizable ...
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Sweet Surrender
MovieDec 1, 1935

Sweet Surrender

Arrested when he gets into a fracas, while escorting the …
Arrested when he gets into a fracas, while escorting the girl he has hitherto loved only from afar, noted ballet dancer Delphine, to her car, Danny O'Day, famous radio tenor, is late for his broadcast and ruled off the air. He meets his friend Jerry Burke at the restaurant of Jack Dempsey where the Manassa Mauler consoles him. Delphine breaks her contract and aided by her friend Dot Frost escapes her manager, Antonio Grezato and sails for Europe on the "Normandie," disguised as a school teacher. Danny and Jerry are also on the boat. Delphine is impersonated by Maizie Marshall who closely resembles her. Maizie does this at the instigation of Nick Harrington, a suave crook who has recognized Delphine and sees a chance for some dishonest doings. Delphine cannot object because Harrington threatens to unmask her if she does. Nick and Maizie steal Delphine's passport and letter-of-credit during a fancy dress ball. When the ship lands at Harve, France, James P. Hargrave, international peace propagandist who wants Danny to sing on a peace broadcast, is arrested on suspicion of being a Communist agitator. Delphine, who has befriended him, is also arrested. Maizie is interviewed by the press, thinking she is Delphine, and is offered an engagement in the ballet Appasionata for 100,000 francs. She receives half in advance, As Danny sings in the peace broadcast from the Eiffel Tower, he learns what has happened to Delphine and Hargrave from Dot.
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Abe Lyman
BirthAugust 1897

Abe Lyman

Abe Lyman was born.
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