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Indian Film Actress

Achala Sachdev

  • May 03, 1920 - Apr 30, 2012 (age 91)
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MovieSep 12, 2018


Professor Brijmohan Agnihotri hates women, love and …
Professor Brijmohan Agnihotri hates women, love and institution of marriage. He advises his pupil Rajesh to not fall in love or get married. Rajesh blindly follows professor until one fine day he confronts Poonam. Poonam's guardian happens to be Professor Agnihotri's teacher. He asks professor to take care of Poonam before he leaves for pilgrimages. Poonam stays with professor and calls him uncle but professor now wants to marry her. Professor and Rajesh are now at loggerhead. Finally, professor realizes his mistake and agrees for Rajesh and Poonam's marriage.
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Achala Sachdev
PersonalApril 2012

Achala Sachdev

Achala Sachdev passed away.
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...
MovieDec 14, 2001

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...

Yash Raichand is a very …
Yash Raichand is a very wealthy man. He lives with Nandini, his wife, and two sons, Rahul and Rohan. All four of them got along very, very, very well. Before Rohan was born, Rahul found out that he was not their real son, but he was found on their doorstep when he was only a few months old. Yash said that from this day on, this will never be spoken of ever again. When Rahul grew up, he fell in love with Anjali Sharma. Unfortunately, when Yash met the Sharma family, he refuses to let Rahul marry Anjali, because they were middle-classed people, and Rahul was high class and rich. Yash said that Rahul has to stick to traditions. But, after Rahul finds out that Bauji, Anjali's father, passes away, he knew that Anjali needed someone. So, Rahul decides to marry Anjali. When Yash finds out, he says that Rahul isn't a Raichand after all, and Yash disowns Rahul. Rahul gives blessings to his mother, but not his father. Then, Rahul, Anjali, and Pooja, Anjali's younger sister, move to London. At Rohan's boarding school, Rahul visits. Rahul tells Rohan to promise not to ever ask Yash or Nandini where Rahul went or why. Later, when Rohan graduates college, Rohan comes home to find that Rahul is gone. Knowing he was told not to ask his father or mother where Rahul gone, Rohan asks his grandmothers what happened. They told him the whole story. So, Rohan tricks his parents into letting him go to London. When Rohan arrives, he reunites with fashion-diva Pooja, whom Rohan met as a kid. Pooja tricks Rahul into letting Rohan stay. Rahul and Anjali now have a son named Kriish. Rohan tries to convince Rahul later to come home, but Rahul refuses. So, Rohan asks his parents to come to London. Rohan tricks them and says he wants a present from the mall, knowing Rahul, Anjali, and Kriish would go to the mall on the same day. Rahul reunites with his mother, but when he sees his father, he hides from him. Rohan then returns home with his parents. When Yash finds out it was all a lie, he becomes very angry. Rohan tells his father to say that he doesn't love Rahul. Yash says so, and then gives Rohan a hard slap on his face. After that, Rohan received his answer. When Rahul and Anjali go to Rahul's first home to visit, Rohan convinces Rahul to visit Yash. When Rahul visits they find forgiveness and forgive each other. Rahul, Rohan, and Yash have a group hug. Yash considers Anjali as his daughter-in-law. Later, in the credits, Rohan and Pooja get married. Everyone is joyful and happy. It's like a miracle between father and son.
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Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
MovieSep 11, 1996

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

Tara and Maya are two …
Tara and Maya are two inseparable friends in India. Their tastes, habits, and hobbies are the same. Years later, the two have matured, but have maintained their friendship. Tara gets married to the local prince, Raj Singh, who soon succeeds the throne as the sole heir. After the marriage, Raj gets bored of Tara and starts seeking another female to satisfy his sexual needs. He notices Maya and is instantly attracted to her. He has her included as one of his courtesans, and is intimate with her. Watch what happens when Tara finds out and the extent she will go to keep her marriage intact.
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Achala Sachdev
BirthMay 1920

Achala Sachdev

Achala Sachdev was born.
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