Charles Watts

  • Oct 30, 1912 - Dec 13, 1966 (age 54)
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PersonalDecember 1966

Charles Watts

Charles Watts passed away.
Baby the Rain Must Fall
MovieJan 15, 1965

Baby the Rain Must Fall

With her infant daughter …
With her infant daughter Margaret Rose in tow, Georgette Thomas pulls up stakes from Tyler, Texas to head to Columbus, Texas to be reunited with her husband, Henry Thomas, who has just been released from prison on parole. Columbus is Henry's hometown. Margaret Rose has never met her father. Henry is not yet ready for this reunion as he is an irresponsible soul, who has problems looking after himself, let alone a wife and infant daughter. People in Columbus are doing whatever they can to help Henry, people such as Slim, the Deputy Sheriff who has known Henry since they were kids, and the Tillmans, who have given him a place to live as well as a job to do chores around their house. However, Henry is reluctant to give up songwriting and performing with his rockabilly band, the honky-tonks where he plays the environments which exacerbated his previous life problems. Henry has the unrealistic belief that he will become the next Elvis Presley. Beyond these issues, the biggest obstacle in the Thomases becoming a happy, united family may be Miss Kate Dawson, the judgmental woman who raised Henry. Miss Kate, who still acts as his unofficial voice of reason and who believes the only right path for Henry is to go back to school, believes that Henry has never made a good decision on his own.
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Apache Rifles
MovieNov 26, 1964

Apache Rifles

In the Arizona Territory in 1879, Captain Jeff Stanton takes …
In the Arizona Territory in 1879, Captain Jeff Stanton takes command of a cavalry unit tasked with returning the Apaches to their reservation. The Mescaleros Apaches, led by chief Victorio, have left the reservation and openly attacked farmers,gold miners and settlers who trespassed on their lands. During a skirmish, Captain Stanton captures Red Hawk, the son of the chief, and uses him to bargain for a truce.Stanton promises to chief Victorio to see that gold miners and settlers are kept off Indian lands.However, some greedy townsfolk and disfranchised gold miners plot to break the uneasy truce.They murder the Indian agent and blame the Apaches.They complain to Washington D.C. about Captain Stanton's negotiated truce.Stanton is replaced by Colonel Perry who intends to use a heavy hand in subduing the Apaches.The consequence of this strategy change proves disastrous.
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Dead Ringer
MovieFeb 19, 1964

Dead Ringer

In Los Angeles, after eighteen years without speaking to …
In Los Angeles, after eighteen years without speaking to each other, Edith Phillips meets her twin sister Margaret de Lorca in the funeral of Maggie's husband and former love of Edith that died of heart attack. Maggie invites Edith to visit her mansion, and Edith finds through her sister's driver that Maggie used a fake pregnancy to trick her and marry her passion. When Edith arrives in her bar, she is evicted by her landlord. Edith calls Maggie, kills her and assumes her identity. The police, including her boyfriend Sergeant Jim Hobbson, believe that Edith committed suicide in an act of despair. Edith lures Maggie's servants and friends, but when Maggie's lover Tony Collins appears, the situation becomes complicated for her.
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BirthOctober 1912

Charles Watts

Charles Watts was born.
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