Harry Jespersen
MarriageMay 1918

Harry Jespersen

Married Harry Jespersen.
The Triumph of the Weak
MovieMay 13, 1918

The Triumph of the Weak

The opening picture finds …
The opening picture finds Edith (Alice Joyce) in prison where she has been for the last three years. She is a widow and her baby has been placed in an institution. She is paroled, finds her child and steals him from the asylum. After wandering around she finally obtains a position in a department store, where Jim Roberts, superintendent, falls in love with her. They are married, but she fails to tell him of her past. Mabel, also freed from prison, demands that Edith join with her and her side partner in a crime, under threat of exposing her past to Jim. Jordan, a friend of Jim's visits them. He is a detective, and recognizes Edith as a former thief. Further to involve her, Mable, hiding from the police, forces Edith to give her refuge in her home, where she immediately proceeds to steal everything in sight, money being her particular passion. Jordan tells Jim he is harboring a thief and he tells Edith she must leave, but Edith, still fearing Mabel, confesses to the theft of money and Mable is allowed to stay. The two men then plan to trap Mable by placing $400 in a desk. As Edith takes the money from the desk, lights are flashed on and she stands before the two men as the thief. The distracted girl now tells her husband of her first theft to save her baby and of her present attempt to keep her past from him. The men have a battle, the detective gets badly beaten up, but is moved by her great courage, gives her back to Jim and the child and through his efforts she obtains a free pardon. - Review from Variety, May 10, 1918.
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The Purple Dress
MovieMay 1, 1918

The Purple Dress

The Purple Dress is a 1918 two reel silent short film, directed …
The Purple Dress is a 1918 two reel silent short film, directed by Martin Justice.
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The Rathskeller and the Rose
MovieApr 12, 1918

The Rathskeller and the Rose

The Rathskeller and the Rose released.
Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking
MovieDec 1, 1917

Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking

Whistling Dick, so named …
Whistling Dick, so named because of his ability to whistle almost any air, is invited to the City on the day before Christmas to escape the annual round-up for the rock pile, and trudges out into the country in search of a proper resting place for a man of leisure. As he whistles his way along a country road he is passed by a young lady who calls "Merry Christmas" to him. In her excitement she loses one of a pair of new stockings she is taking home, and Dick picks it up. His nose leads him to a hobo stew being prepared in a gully near a fine plantation home and he finds Boston Harry, a crook friend, and his gang, and partakes of the feast. He is invited to assist in robbing the home in which the young lady lives but refuses and is held under guard until the robbery can be pulled off. Dick gets an idea when he finds the stocking in his pocket, writes a note and sticks it in the toe of the stocking with a stone. When no one is looking he slings it through the window of the house, his message of warning alighting on the table during the Christmas Eve celebration. The men capture the gang and release Whistling Dick, who is feasted and honored all evening and is put to bed with the promise of the best job on the plantation. The idea of work is repugnant to his nature, however, and he escapes the next morning to resume his annual hunt for winter quarters.
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Adele DeGarde
BirthMay 1899

Adele DeGarde

Adele DeGarde was born.
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