• Mar 21, 1914 - Apr 30, 1992 (age 78)

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PersonalApril 1992


Agha passed away.
Soorma Bhopali
MovieJul 1, 1988

Soorma Bhopali

Soorma Bhopali is the owner of a Timber mart from whom …
Soorma Bhopali is the owner of a Timber mart from whom people expect to purchase the wood of the entire jungle in a two rupees giving the jungle being impossible he wants to distrbute all the wealth of humanity this trust and innocence of his is taken under advantage by the people. Dilwar Khan Dilwala who happens to be the identical step brothe of Soorma, keepts staking his claim on half of Soorma inheritance. Soorma inherite a pricless necklace, which according to his mother will he has to give it to his bride. To get this necklace from Soorma some bigtime smugglers send a stage danceer Sitar to Bhopal and trap Soorma in their cleverly knitted web Soorma takes the necklace and follow Sitara to Bombay but two small time frauds by the name of Kaalia and Samba relive Soorma of his belongings which includes the necklace back but will he be able to adorn his bride with this priceless neclace of will the enemies of law and society get away with it if you have invested so much time and energy in this booklet why don't you invest somemore in the future and watch Soorma Bhopali on the screen it's a much more fun experience.
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MovieOct 4, 1985


Babu is a naive young man who likes to go out of his way …
Babu is a naive young man who likes to go out of his way to help people. He has fallen in love with Kammo, but in the process of helping another, he lands himself in jail for two years. After his discharge, he finds that a lady who had once helped him, is now a destitute widow with a small child, Pinky. He decides to help them, puts his personal life on hold, drives a hand-drawn rickshaw, saves some money, so that he can buy provisions for them, as well as send Pinky to a decent school. She attends school, but ends up a snob, who is clearly embarrassed by her poor mom, and cannot stand Babu, making them both wonder if it was worthwhile investing so much time and energy over an ungrateful child.
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Naukar Biwi Ka
MovieJul 14, 1983

Naukar Biwi Ka

Jagirdar Bishamber Nath a wealthy man disowns his …
Jagirdar Bishamber Nath a wealthy man disowns his son, police inspector Amar Nath for marrying against his wishes. In the course of his duties Amar sends a notorious criminal Pinto to jail. In due course, Pinto escapes from prison and begins a vendetta which results in several deaths, children being separated from parents and the loyalty of a family driver which saves Jyoti. As the children grow up there is a peek behind the scenes of movieland in Bombay, abductions, being loved, unrequited love, broken childhood engagement, success in stardom, suicide and failure. Does Amar's daughter Jyoti find her true love? Is wealthy Bishamber Nath destined to a lonely old age?
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Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actor

Nominated for "Ghunghat".
Filmfare Award
Jalal Agha

Jalal Agha

Jalal Agha (11 July 1945 – 5 March 1995, New Delhi, …
Jalal Agha (11 July 1945 – 5 March 1995, New Delhi, India) was an Indian actor and director in Bollywood films. He was the son of the popular comedian actor Agha. Jalal studied acting at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.
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BirthMarch 1914


Agha was born.
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