Akiho Yoshizawa

  • Mar 03, 1984 (age 36)
  • 5' 3" (1.61 m)
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The 33D Invader
MovieOct 6, 2011

The 33D Invader

A girl named Future has to re-populate the human race …
A girl named Future has to re-populate the human race after radiation attacks from the Xucker race have made 99% of men on Earth infertile in the year 2046.
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Tsuyakenkaku 2: Kunoichi iro sennô
MovieAug 5, 2011

Tsuyakenkaku 2: Kunoichi iro sennô

When Yui Kusunoki, an …
When Yui Kusunoki, an undercover geisha secretly in the employ of the Inner Secret Guard, disappears while en route to deliver an oral message concerning rogue Koga Ninja penetrations in southern Hikone, there's just one sword-mistress who can go down after her: the notorious but very easy on the eyes Rin Saejima a.k.a. the Sultry Assassin. But knowing that her identity may have already been compromised as a result of the Koga's Erotic Brainwashing technique, Rin devises a cunning plan of her own: one that involves bringing her "associate" Yasuburo back into her fold posing as her husband. Get ready for sword-handling of every kind and lots of derring-do getting done in the most unexpected places (and locations) as the team behind the sizzling escapades of The Aphrodisiac Kill reunite for a double-sworded, sordid ero-ninja epic that scholars of Japanese history would very much prefer that you don't bring up in class: Sultry Assassin 2: Ninja Brainwash.
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Tsuyakenkaku: Kunoichi biyaku seme
MovieNov 23, 2010

Tsuyakenkaku: Kunoichi biyaku seme

When drugs, graft and the …
When drugs, graft and the illegal sex trade come together, the outcome can be deadly; especially in ancient Edo, where the law is dictated by he who wields the strongest sword. That's why Yasaburo, a mere commoner, spends all his spare time practicing and refining his prowess with a blade.
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Saigo no rabudôru: Watashi, otona no omocha tomemashita.
MovieApr 28, 2010

Saigo no rabudôru: Watashi, otona no o…

Maidroid 2: Maidroid vs. …
Maidroid 2: Maidroid vs. Hostroids is a 2010 film written by Jirô Ishikawa and Naoyuki Tomomatsu, and directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu.
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Best Actress

Won award for "On White Satin".
Pink Grand Prix

Best Actress

Won Pinky Ribbon Awards For Best Actress.
Pinky Ribbon Awards
Akiho Yoshizawa
BirthMarch 1984

Akiho Yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa was born.
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