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Retribution Gospel Choir
AlbumMar 17, 2008

Retribution Gospel Choir

Retribution Gospel Choir is …
Retribution Gospel Choir is the eponymous debut album from Low singer-songwriter-guitarist Alan Sparhawk's band Retribution Gospel Choir. The album was released in the US on March 18, 2008, through Mark Kozelek's Caldo Verde Records. Kozelek also produced the album.
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Solo Guitar
AlbumJul 25, 2006

Solo Guitar

Solo Guitar is the 2006 album by Low frontman Alan …
Solo Guitar is the 2006 album by Low frontman Alan Sparhawk. Always staying true to its name, the album features several musical vignettes, the sounds of which attempt to recreate the situations described in their titles, for instance, "How The Weather Comes Over The Central Hillside". The album is almost entirely made up of avant-garde and ambient soundscapes, rarely venturing into melodic music.
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Jessica Bailiff & Alan Sparhawk
AlbumNov 1, 2001

Jessica Bailiff & Alan Sparhawk

Jessica Bailiff & Alan Sparhawk released.
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