Russian Prima Ballerina

Anastasia Volochkova

  • Jan 20, 1976 (age 44)
  • 5' 6" (1.68 m)
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Let's Get Married
TV ShowJul 28, 2008

Let's Get Married

Let's Get Married (Давай поженимся, Davay …
Let's Get Married (Давай поженимся, Davay Pozhenimsya: literally "Let's Marry") is a Russian dating program that premiered on Channel One Russia on July 28, 2008. It airs Monday to Thursday at 6:45 pm.
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TV ShowMay 17, 2008


Prozhektorperiskhilton …
Prozhektorperiskhilton (Прожекторперисхилтон; Spotlight of Paris Hilton) is a Russian satirical television talk show aired on Channel One. The first episode was aired on 17 May 2008. Four hosts (Ivan Urgant, Garik Martirosyan, Sergei Svetlakov, Alexander Tsekalo) discuss current news and comment on different issues in politics and economics, similar to 7 Tage, 7 Köpfe. The show's name is a reference to the 1980s TV program "Прожектор Перестройки" ("Prozhektor Perestroyki", "Spotlight on Perestroika")—a program that was discussing current events on Soviet television during the times of Perestroika—and American socialite Paris Hilton, who, according to Svetlakov, symbolizes lack of taste. Thus, the name of the show implies that this is a current events program that shouldn't be taken seriously.
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Chernyy prints
MovieNov 16, 2004

Chernyy prints

Black Prince is a historical thriller with flashbacks 200 years …
Black Prince is a historical thriller with flashbacks 200 years back to showcase symbolic, or mystic coincidences in glorious and tragic events in the life of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin ( Levani Uchaneishvili "Tycoon"). Ray Charles Jr., the son of the legendary US jazz man, is staring as a Hollywood film director. Ray fails to shoot his film in US about Pushkin, then goes to Russia and meets a strikingly beautiful lady from St. Petersburg. A prominent Russian prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova performs the main role of the lady and Pushkin's wife Natalie.
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Anastasia Volochkova

Anastasia Volochkova

Anastasia Volochkova was born.
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