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Andrei Abrikosov

  • Nov 14, 1906 - Oct 21, 1973 (age 66)
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Andrei Abrikosov
PersonalOctober 1973

Andrei Abrikosov

Andrei Abrikosov passed away.
Ruslan and Ludmila
MovieOct 12, 1972

Ruslan and Ludmila

Based on Russian poet Alexander Pushkin's fairy tale poem of …
Based on Russian poet Alexander Pushkin's fairy tale poem of the same name. In the midst of the wedding party of Prince Ruslan and Ludmila, Ludmila is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Her father seeks help from his people, but of course Ruslan is the only one able to save her.
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The Brothers Karamazov
MovieJan 10, 1969

The Brothers Karamazov

The 1968 film shows Fedor …
The 1968 film shows Fedor Karamazov as a stingy old man, who's three sons are after his money. The Karamazov brothers, Dmitri, a gambler, Ivan, a thinker, and Aleksei, a monk, are living through their different problems. Ivan is trying to save the world by making a story of "The Great Inquisitor". Dmitri, who lost money in gambling, is begging his father to help him. But the father gives a lot of money to his mistress Grushenka.
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Wedding in Malinovka
MovieSep 25, 1967

Wedding in Malinovka

The civil war has made its changes in the way of life and life of …
The civil war has made its changes in the way of life and life of people. Residents of the Ukrainian village of Malinovka are beginning to get used to the constant change of power. But life goes on, and the whole village is waiting for the wedding of shepherd Andreyka and the local beauty Yarinka. At this time, the power in the village passed to the self-proclaimed ataman Gritsian Tavricheskiy. As a winner, he himself decides to marry a beautiful woman, but receives a waiver from a bold girl. Accustomed to receive everything by force, the chieftain begins to threaten her by violence. Yarinka managed to escape from the chieftain to the forest.
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Grigori Abrikosov
ChildAugust 1932

Grigori Abrikosov

Grigori Andreyevich Abrikosov (Russian: Григорий …
Grigori Andreyevich Abrikosov (Russian: Григорий Андреевич Абрикосов; 30 August 1932, Moscow – 13 April 1993, Moscow) was a Soviet theatre and film actor. He was the son of Andrei Abrikosov.
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Andrei Abrikosov
BirthNovember 1906

Andrei Abrikosov

Andrei Abrikosov was born.
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