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British Film Actress

Anne Crawford

  • Nov 22, 1920 - Oct 17, 1956 (age 35)
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Anne Crawford
PersonalOctober 1956

Anne Crawford

Anne Crawford passed away.
Mad About Men
MovieNov 16, 1954

Mad About Men

Mad About Men is a 1954 Technicolor British comedy …
Mad About Men is a 1954 Technicolor British comedy film. It was directed by Ralph Thomas and written by Peter Blackmore, who also wrote the 1948 film Miranda which preceded Mad About Men. Glynis Johns appears in both films as the mermaid Miranda. However, Rank Films insisted it was not a sequel.
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Knights of the Round Table
MovieDec 22, 1953

Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur establishes the …
King Arthur establishes the greatest reign England has ever seen, and along for the ride are his indispensable Knights of the Round Table, particularly Sir Lancelot. Then, Arthur finds himself a bride, the beautiful Guenivere. While she loves Arthur, she also loves Lancelot and though Lancelot repeatedly fights it, he loves her, too. Treachery is brewing as the evil Morgan le Fay and her knight Sir Modred work to trap them. So begins the decline and eventual fall of Arthur and Camelot.
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Street Corner
MovieMar 17, 1953

Street Corner

A pseudo-documentary in style with an emphasis on the daily …
A pseudo-documentary in style with an emphasis on the daily work and routine of women police built around three different story lines. The first involves 18-year-old Bridget Foster (Peggy Cummins) who is picked up for shoplifting but let off lightly. She has a small child, an often-absent husband and mother-in-law trouble. To compound that she takes up with a petty hoodlum who commits a jewel robbery. The second story tells of a young girl who deserts the Army to marry a boy who needs her and commits bigamy in the process, but it all works out. The third story is about a baby who is mistreated by its father and step-mother, but is reunited, through police work, with its real mother.
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Wallace Douglas

Wallace Douglas

Wallace Stuart Finlayson (15 August 1911 in Winnipeg, …
Wallace Stuart Finlayson (15 August 1911 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 8 August 1990 Coldwaltham, West Sussex, England), known as Wallace Douglas, was a Canadian producer, director and actor. The son of Robert Barnett Finlayson and Emiline Marcia Bird, his brother, actor Robert Douglas Finlayson, also used the stage name Douglas.
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James Hartley

James Hartley

Married James Hartley.
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