Actor and Comedian

Anthony Clark

  • Apr 04, 1964 (age 56)
  • 5' 9" (1.75 m)
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My Uncle Rafael
MovieSep 21, 2012

My Uncle Rafael

When a TV producer is desperate to find a replacement series, …
When a TV producer is desperate to find a replacement series, she convinces a 71 year-old Armenian, tell-it-like-it-is Uncle, to star in a new reality show.
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Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials (2001)
TV ShowFeb 1, 2012

Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials (2001)

Super Bowl's Greatest …
Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials is an annual special event from CBS Online that invites viewers to revisit their favorite commercials from that year's Super Bowl and cast their vote online, allowing fans all over the country to help decide which of the hilarious advertisements deserves to go down in history as that year's best Super Bowl commercial. The Super Bowl has always been the biggest football event of the year, but for years now it's also been a much-anticipated source of the best commercials on television. These companies pay over two and a half million dollars for these thirty-second spots, a suitably high price considering these short ads will reach over ninety million viewers. As a result of the hefty price tag and enormous audience, these companies put all their effort into making the absolute best and most memorable advertisements they can. Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials is a fun video series that replays the most-loved ads from the Super Bowl and lets viewers decide which ones deserve to go down in history.
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Beat Boys Beat Girls
MovieJan 15, 2010

Beat Boys Beat Girls

Jack Kerouac described the Beat Generation as "a swinging …
Jack Kerouac described the Beat Generation as "a swinging group of new American men, intent on joy." "Beat Boys, Beat Girls" cuts back and forth between the present, with 30 year old Mort Livingston as he returns to live back home with his parents, indefinitely, after a failed career as a performance artist, and one year ago, when Mort was living in an old Hollywood apartment, trying to hone his craft in a world infested with models, drug dealers, strippers, drunks, and gold diggers. Topping Mort's list of vast influences is Jack Kerouac, whose collection of scattered poems accompanies him wherever he goes, fitting safely inside his red faux fur coat. Mort's new home is filled with chaos. His mother and father fight constantly, while his younger brother, Jake, gets brushed aside. Eventually, Mort finds hope and meaning in his new situation, but only after an overnight, drunken adventure with his father, who confides in Mort and reveals parts of his past that Mort probably doesn't need to know. Their similarities overshadow their differences, and Mort begins to put the pieces of his life together. Although times have changed immensely, the core of the beat generation has remained consistent: we should live our lives simply and as intended, where work and play happen simultaneously.
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Anthony Clark
BirthApril 1964

Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark was born.
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