Film Actress

Barbara Kent

  • Dec 16, 1907 - Oct 13, 2011 (age 103)
  • 4' 11" (1.50 m)
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Barbara Kent
PersonalOctober 2011

Barbara Kent

Barbara Kent passed away.
Jack Monroe

Jack Monroe

Married Jack Monroe.
Guard That Girl
MovieSep 20, 1935

Guard That Girl

Attorney Joshua Scranton hires "Budge" Edwards and Larry …
Attorney Joshua Scranton hires "Budge" Edwards and Larry Donovan, who has just bought into Edwards' detective agency, to protect Estelle Hudson, a client of his who is to inherit three-million dollars the next Thursday. He tells them he has reason to believe the girl is in danger from five relatives who stand to benefit by her death. Helen Bradford, Edwards' secretary, with who Larry is in love, insists upon impersonating the endangered heiress. Edwards acts as her chauffeur and Larry as her fiancé whom she met in Europe. Scranton provides a reliable maid, Jeannie Martin, to accompany Helen. Lobo the Marvel dog , Edwards' police dog, goes along as added protection. The relatives, assembled at the Hudson country home, are Aunt Catherine, a crabby dowager; Sarah , her bitter, unmarried daughter; Cousin Ellwood, a simple, good-natured drunk cousin; and the heiress' uncle, Dr. Silas Hudson, who is an archery expert. A big-game hunting arrow sticking in Helen's (posing as the heiress) bedroom door is the first warning or danger, and all hands begin to cast wary glances in the direction of Uncle Silas. Jeanne bravely offers to sleep in Helen's room on a chaise lounge. A prowler, attacked by Lobo, leaves the dog apparently dying and, as the weapon of choice was a rake, Reynolds, the gardener, joins Uncle Silas as a suspect. But a second arrow later rips through a rowboat carrying Larry and Helen. And, a third plows through Jeannie's chaise lounge as she jumps to protect Helen when she sees a secret panel in the bedroom open. Then, Reynolds, who is a private detective hired by who-knows-who is done in by an arrow-shot only an archery expert could have made.
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Old Man Rhythm
MovieAug 2, 1935

Old Man Rhythm

A businessman enrolls as a college freshman in order to break …
A businessman enrolls as a college freshman in order to break up his son's relationship with a gold-digger.
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MovieMay 4, 1935


Baseball player Terry McCall is a very good baseball player, …
Baseball player Terry McCall is a very good baseball player, who doesn't mind bragging about his skills on the baseball-diamond and also his off-the-field skills at wooing and winning women. An accident cause his luck to turn bad, and results in him turning blind, but he later regains his sight after being instrumental in saving the life of Mickey Malone, the team's young mascot. He then promises Mary Malone, Mickey's sister, for whose affection he has been competing with a teammate, that he is through showing off and bragging. But, at the end, he is still blowing smoke.
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Marriage on Approval
MovieNov 22, 1933

Marriage on Approval

A young man and woman go out partying, have way too much …
A young man and woman go out partying, have way too much to drink and wake up the next morning to find out that they're married.
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Harry E. Edington
MarriageDecember 1932

Harry E. Edington

Harry E. Eddington was a film producer.
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