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Bernie Coulson

  • 5' 7" (1.70 m)
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Dark Harvest
MovieSep 2, 2016

Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest's lawless marijuana landscape …
Dark Harvest's lawless marijuana landscape creates a web of sexual intrigue and violence in which the cop and grower are forced to settle their moral differences to stop a cunning psychopath.
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MovieJan 30, 2007


Fifteen years after he last saw him, Danny Cimmerman, a …
Fifteen years after he last saw him, Danny Cimmerman, a Toronto banker, comes back to Vancouver to say goodbye to his ethnic Croatian gangster father, John Cimmerman, who is on his death bed. Danny never approved of how his father made a living, the reason why Danny left town in the first place, and conversely John felt Danny was a disappointment. Regardless, John's death bed wish is for Danny to take over the family business and make it legitimate. Part of that entails Danny marrying Anika Nowak, the daughter of one of John's associates, Louis Nowak. The transition to legitimacy will not be easy as some friends and enemies may want to exploit what they see as a weakness in the organization during the transition. Danny is attacked one evening by two people who knew he was carrying a large wad of cash, which he guesses was organized by someone on the inside. Another of those hoping to take Danny down is a man named Angus Bunyan, aka Uncle Bunny, who knows a secret about Danny and wants proof to extort money from him. Uncle Bunny has one of his prostitutes, Davina Nicholson, insinuate herself into Danny's life by playing off his "secret" fantasies. Davina doesn't much like working for Uncle Bunny, but feels she can't get out despite having a secret straight life, including a fiancé. As Danny and Davina start to fall for each other in however an unusual way it feels for both, Davina has to decide where her allegiances lie, and Danny has to reconcile his feelings for the multiple sides of his life which are battling each other. Beyond their shared secret life together, Danny and Davina don't know how truly connected their entire lives are.
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TV ShowOct 10, 2006


Intelligence is a Vancouver-based crime drama …
Intelligence is a Vancouver-based crime drama television series created and written by Chris Haddock starring Ian Tracey and Klea Scott that aired on the CBC. With its pilot first airing on November 28, 2005, the series began regular broadcasting on October 10, 2006. CBC reaired the pilot on June 7, 2007 and began broadcasting reruns of season one on Fridays starting on June 8, 2007. A second season then aired from October 2007, concluding in December that same year. The series was produced by Haddock Entertainment, which also produced Da Vinci's Inquest and Da Vinci's City Hall.
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