American Actress

Betty Blythe

  • Sep 01, 1893 - Apr 07, 1972 (age 78)
  • 5' 7" (1.71 m)
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Betty Blythe
PersonalApril 1972

Betty Blythe

Betty Blythe passed away.
Madonna of the Desert
MovieFeb 23, 1948

Madonna of the Desert

A jeweled Madonna, …
A jeweled Madonna, property of rancher Joe Salinas, attracts two crooks to his ranch, Monica Dell, a smooth operator, and ruthless Nick Julian. Joe believe that the statue has a miraculous power to ward off evil, and Monica, after a narrow escape from injury while trying to steal the statue, is converted to Joe's faith and refuses to go through with the robbery. Nick has no such intentions.
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Jiggs and Maggie in Society
MovieDec 12, 1947

Jiggs and Maggie in Society

Maggie (Renie Riano) …
Maggie (Renie Riano) continues her forever-ever efforts to crash Manhattan's top society, while Jiggs (Joe Yule) still mingles with his old construction cronies at the bar of Dinty Moore (Tim Ryan) on 10th Avenue. Van De Graft (Lee Bonnell) notifies Maggie that his company has found the Jiggs family tree and coat of arms, and that he will be able to get the Jiggs family in the social Who's Who Bluebook. Van De Graft suggests that Maggie arrange a bit party for important socialites with his intention being to stage a robbery of the gathering. Maggie engages Dale Carnegie to tutor Jiggs while she takes dancing lessons from Arthur Murray and is interviewed on the radio by Sheila Graham.
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Joe Palooka, Champ
MovieMay 28, 1946

Joe Palooka, Champ

In this first entry of the Monogram features based …
In this first entry of the Monogram features based on the comic-strip character created by Ham Fisher (while not the first use of the character on the screen), fight manager and promoter Knobby Walsh trains Al Costa to fight for the heavyweight championship, but gangster Florini, with the help of his henchmen, Lefty and Curly, takes the budding champion away from him. Knobby begins the search for a new fighter by taking four fighters and handler Smoky on a tour of tank towns. He finds Joe Palooka, a natural boxer, in a small town. Anne Howe, a society girl passing through town, helps persuade the shy-and-gentle farm boy to sign a contract with Knobby. Joe wins a string of sensational matches and, while training for the championship match with the recently-crowned champion Costa, Anne invites him to a party where her snobby society friend Ronnie Brewster makes a fool of Joe. The latter's training suffers as a result of this and estrangements from Knobby and Anne, but he rebuffs the efforts of Florini to get him to throw the fight.
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Paul Scardon

Paul Scardon

Paul Scardon (6 May 1874 in Melbourne, Victoria, …
Paul Scardon (6 May 1874 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 17 January 1954 in Fontana, California) was an actor, a producer, and a director on both Australian and New York stages.
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Betty Blythe
BirthSeptember 1893

Betty Blythe

Betty Blythe was born.
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