Film Director

Bhagwan Dada

  • Aug 01, 1913 - Feb 04, 2002 (age 88)
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Bhagwan Dada
PersonalFebruary 2002

Bhagwan Dada

Bhagwan Dada passed away.
Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje
MovieJul 30, 1998

Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje

Dancer maestro Mangal …
Dancer maestro Mangal Maharaj wants his son, Girdhar, who is a dancer par excellence, to enter the once-in-ten-years Nateshwar Utsav dance competition, win it, and be crowned the Bharat Natraj. While Girdhar can do a solo dance number, he is also required to dance the Shiv-Parvati Tandav dance with a female partner. Mangal Maharaj would like Roopkala to be his partner, but ends up being disappointed with her. Now with only a year left for the Utsav, he chances upon talented dancer and singer, Neeladevi, and recruits her. He subjects her to strenuous training and he is pleased with her performance. Then he finds out that Girdhar and Neela have fallen in love with each other, and their involvement is interfering with their performance. Unhappy with Neeladevi, he dismisses her, and sets forth to look for another dancer. The question remains: Will he be able to find another one, train her, and make her compete just in time for the Utsav, or will he lose this opportunity altogether and wait for another 10 years?
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Mera Damad
MovieMar 8, 1995

Mera Damad

Sitanath Ardhnarayan Choudhry and Ajit Khanna are old …
Sitanath Ardhnarayan Choudhry and Ajit Khanna are old friends. Sitanath has a daughter named Sunita, and Ajit has a son named Jai. Both fathers would like their respective children to meet each other and get married. In order to do this, Ajit asks Jai to travel to Sitanath's village, meet Sunita, and if found compatible, make arrangements for marriage, to which Jai agrees to. On reaching Sitanath's residence, Jai, in the company of his friend, Pradeep, come across a man named Ravi, who tells them they are in the wrong village, and directs them to a mansion run by an eccentric owner, so that they can spend the night there, and then take the train back the next day. Ravi warns them about the owner, who likes to talk all night to anyone who listens. Both Jai and Pradeep meet the owner, and are quite abrupt with him. The next day, Jai meets the owner's daughter Kimi, and falls in love with her. The problem is how does he go about notifying his dad about his new-found love for Kimi, and the reason why they ended up in the wrong village on one hand; and how is he going to make amends to Kimi's dad?
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MovieJan 19, 1990


Raised in an atmosphere of hate, violence, and crime, Suraj …
Raised in an atmosphere of hate, violence, and crime, Suraj alias Sunny is a cold-blooded killer, who mercilessly kills his victims for the right amount, usually following the instructions ...
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Bhagwan Dada
BirthAugust 1913

Bhagwan Dada

Bhagwan Dada was born.
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