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Comedy Actor

Cecil Parker

  • Sep 03, 1897 - Apr 20, 1971 (age 73)
  • 6' 0" (1.83 m)
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Cecil Parker
PersonalApril 1971

Cecil Parker

Cecil Parker passed away.
The Magnificent Two
MovieJul 5, 1967

The Magnificent Two

Two salesmen travel to a small South American Country to …
Two salesmen travel to a small South American Country to peddle their wares. However the country is in the middle of a major conflict between the Government led by Diaz and the rebels led by Torres. When Torres is accidentally killed the rebels mistaken pick up one of the salesmen, Eric, as he looks like Torres. Eric and Ernie are promised millions to carry on the charade once the rebels take charge. However once Eric takes charge he finds himself back in danger as scheming general Carillo plans to remove the impostor from his role.
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Circus of Fear
MovieApr 29, 1966

Circus of Fear

In this dramatic thriller, a gang of thieves decides that the …
In this dramatic thriller, a gang of thieves decides that the Barberini Circus would be the perfect hiding place for the money they recently stole from London's Tower Bridge. After several individuals turn up dead from thrown knives, Scotland Yard begins to investigate certain circus personnel, with a scarred lion tamer among the chief suspects.
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Lady L
MovieNov 25, 1965

Lady L

Today Lady Louise Lendale (Sophia Loren) is eighty …
Today Lady Louise Lendale (Sophia Loren) is eighty-years-old and she tells her long time admirer, British poet Sir Percy (Cecil Parker), all about her eventful life. In the beginning, she was a young laundress working in "Le Mouton Bleu", a renowned Paris whorehouse. There, she met Armand (Paul Newman), both a charming man and a bomb-throwing anarchist, and it wasn't long before she became his mistress. One day, while Armand was away in Switzeland, working for a revolutionary movement aiming to murder a Russian Prince, Louise met the second man in her life, a British Lord she soon called Dicky (David Niven). The latter offered to marry her. In exchange, he would save Armand from the police's grip. She accepted on the condition she could still see Armand.
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Muriel Ann Randall Brown

Muriel Ann Randall Brown

Married Muriel Ann Randall Brown.
Cecil Parker
BirthSeptember 1897

Cecil Parker

Cecil Parker was born.
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