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Elizabeth Chan

Elizabeth Chan

Married Elizabeth Chan.
George Edward Chan

George Edward Chan

George Edward Chan born.
Qian huo mei gui
MovieAug 28, 1992

Qian huo mei gui

Hoi Chiu along with her brother was made an orphan by a rich …
Hoi Chiu along with her brother was made an orphan by a rich tycoon man. During her days in the orphanage, she became fond to Uncle Rain, her pen pal and sponsor. Her dream was to one day marry Uncle Rain and have her revenge against the tycoon who had a hand in killing her parents.
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Double Impact
MovieJul 31, 1991

Double Impact

After attending a ceremony dedicating an underwater …
After attending a ceremony dedicating an underwater tunnel that connected the Hong Kong Island to the mainland, Paul Wagner, his wife Katherine and their twin sons are on the way home. They encounter what appears to be a Chinese hit squad, and end up in a gun fight that causes both parents to lose their lives. The twins are miraculously unscathed, however, they end up separated. One of them is left at the doorstep of an orphanage, while the other makes it back to the United States with Frank Avery (Geoffrey Lewis), bodyguard and friend. After 25 years, Frank locates Alex and attempts to bring the twins back together. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays both Alex and Chad Wagner who has been brought up in two very different environments. Chad quickly realizes that his twin brother Alex is involved in a lot of shady activities, but after Frank explains the history and the death of their parents, the twins decide to work together to seek revenge against the murderers. When Chad is mistakenly grabbed by Raymond Zhang (Philip Chan), who thinks that he is Alex, he tries to use his martial arts skills to save himself, however, he is no match for Moon, one of the Chinese men who killed their parents. After suffering at the hands of Moon, Chad returns to his brother's place of business, where Frank, Alex and himself make plans to go after Raymond Zhang and his crew. As Frank and Alex are out gathering firewood, Chad gets a phone call from Danielle and runs off to try and save her. It does not take long for Zhang to start putting two and two together, and a chase ensues through the city streets, as Alex is fuming back at the hide out. Sheldon Lettich directs this action movie, with supporting roles by Alonna Shaw as Danielle Wilde, Alan Scarfe as Nigel Griffith and Bolo Yeung as Moon.
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Fan dau mui
MovieAug 11, 1984

Fan dau mui

Two clutzy teenage girls accidentally steal money …
Two clutzy teenage girls accidentally steal money from a gangster. Now, with a vicious criminal after them, the girls must rely on their friends and teachers at their high school to protect them.
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