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Charles K. French

  • Jan 17, 1860 - Aug 02, 1952 (age 92)
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Charles K. French
PersonalAugust 1952

Charles K. French

Charles K. French passed away.
Doris Herbert
MarriageMarch 1938

Doris Herbert

Married Doris Herbert.
Where Trails Divide
MovieOct 13, 1937

Where Trails Divide

Tom Allen (Tom Keene), a young lawyer for an express …
Tom Allen (Tom Keene), a young lawyer for an express company, is sent to Rawhide, undercover, to investigate and find the gang that has been robbing the stagecoach gold shipments. His younger brother Billy (Davis Sharpe) is the local agent for the company, and has run up some gambling debts if the crooked card games at "Mississippi" Wilson's (Warner Richmond) saloon, and has been forced to give shipping information to Wilson's gang. Tom is appointed sheriff and begins to put pressure on Wilson and his gang. He maneuvers them into a position where they are forced to feel across the desert from a band of irate citizens. They soon run out of water and two of Wilson's many henchmen die from drinking from a poisoned well, and Wilson kills another one over the remaining water in a canteen that Wilson had kept hidden from his henchmen. Tom and his two sidekicks, 'Happy' Days (Hal Price) and Ike Jones (Richard Cramer), witness the murder and take Wilson back to town to be hung.
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Headin' for the Rio Grande
MovieDec 20, 1936

Headin' for the Rio Grande

Ike Travis runs a protection …
Ike Travis runs a protection racket. When the herd owners refuse his services, his men rustle their cattle. But when Tex Saunders shows up and starts thwarting their attempts, Travis plans to get rid of him.
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Last of the Warrens
MovieMay 10, 1936

Last of the Warrens

Ted Warren returns from WW1 to find that everyone thinks he …
Ted Warren returns from WW1 to find that everyone thinks he was dead. The culprit is Kent who intercepted his mail, rustled the Warren cattle, took over the Warren ranch, and is now after Ted's girl friend. When Kent's henchmen fail to kill Ted, Kent shoots Ted's father and leaves him for dead. But only wounded, the plan is to have Warren appear as a ghost to get a confession from Kent.
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Isabelle Gurton

Isabelle Gurton

Married Isabelle Gurton.
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