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American Actor

Charles Starrett

  • Mar 28, 1903 - Mar 22, 1986 (age 82)
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Charles Starrett
PersonalMarch 1986

Charles Starrett

Charles Starrett passed away.
The Kid from Broken Gun
MovieAug 16, 1952

The Kid from Broken Gun

Charles Starrett makes his …
Charles Starrett makes his final appearance as The Durango Kid, this time as Steve Reynolds, a postal inspector who has gone underground to catch the bad guys. His longtime sidekick, Smiley Burnette appears as an itinerant optometrist who is hardly in the plot line of the film. Jock Mahoney plays Jack Mahoney, an eastern educated dude who has come back home. The Durango Kid teaches Jack how to draw and fire a six-gun, and the two ultimately work together to bring the outlaws to justice. Evidently, the director, Fred f. Sears, and the cast had made this picture so many times they could not invent a new ending. At the end Smiley addresses the audience directly and assures us that everything turned out all right. He is puzzled, however, why Steve never got to meet The Durango Kid.
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The Rough, Tough West
MovieJun 15, 1952

The Rough, Tough West

The Rough, Tough West is …
The Rough, Tough West is an American western film directed by Ray Nazarro and starring Charles Starrett, Jock Mahoney and Carolina Cotton. It was released in 1952, during the last year of the Durango Kid series of films. At this late date the series relied on cost-cutting measures to stay within a low budget, so this film contains footage from older Starrett westerns.
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The Hawk of Wild River
MovieFeb 28, 1952

The Hawk of Wild River

Steve Martin (Charles …
Steve Martin (Charles Starrett)is sent to Wild River to recover stolen gold and finds the town is being terrorized by The Hawk (Clayton Moore) and his outlaw gang. The Hawk attempts to ...
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Smoky Canyon
MovieJan 22, 1952

Smoky Canyon

Government agent Steve Brent, alias the Durango …
Government agent Steve Brent, alias the Durango Kid(Charles Starrett) gets involved in a range war between cattlemen and sheepmen in Timber Rock. Cattlemen sluaghter their herds to keep the prices high---Economics 101---and blame the destruction on the sheepmen---Plot Device 6. Jack Mahoney (Jock Mahoney as Jack Mahoney), leader of the sheepmen, is falsely accused of killing rancher Jim Woodstock (Frank O'Connor), which leads Woodstock's daughter, Roberta (Dani Sue Nolan,somewhat miffed at Mahoney and she breaks their engagement. Brent joins the cattlemen, as a ruse, to find the real killer. Smiley Burnette sings a song called "It's Got To Get Better", but it doesn't.
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Charles Starrett
BirthMarch 1903

Charles Starrett

Charles Starrett was born.
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