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American Actor

Charlton Heston

  • Oct 04, 1923 - Apr 05, 2008 (age 84)
  • 6' 3" (1.91 m)
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Charlton Heston
PersonalApril 2008

Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston passed away.
Ben Hur
MovieFeb 15, 2003

Ben Hur

During the first century A.D., Judah Ben-Hur is a young Hebrew …
During the first century A.D., Judah Ben-Hur is a young Hebrew prince thrown into slavery by the Romans after a tragic accident, who wins his way back to his home and a family on a heroic adventure of discovery. Judah's love for a beautiful slave girl is threatened by the bitter conflict dividing two former freinds, and his triumph is set against the backdrop of the historic struggle between a captive people and a mighty empire. From an exciting sea battle and a thundering chariot race to the dramatic events surrounding the life and death of Christ, this is an epic tale of love, redemption, foregiveness and faith to captivate viewers of all ages.
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Presidential Medal of Freedom

Won Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Bowling for Columbine
MovieMay 15, 2002

Bowling for Columbine

Filmmaker Michael Moore …
Filmmaker Michael Moore sets out to explore the reason(s) behind the massacre of 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. He documents how two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, easily acquired four pieces of firearms, despite of having a history of arrests, juvenile detention, counseling sessions, and drug dependencies. He documents how the U.S. has ended up as a country with the highest number of gun-related killings on Earth. With interviews with people like Charlton Heston, former President of the National Rifle Association, who lives in a fortified mansion, Moore shows how easy it is to acquire guns and munitions - with examples of a bank giving a free gun just for opening a bank account, and of one particular municipality that makes gun-ownership mandatory. Moore then links the involvement of the U.S. with tyrants and terrorists such as Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden for it's own narrow gains - resulting in deaths of millions of civilians from 1953 through to 2001 - and it's refusal to review and change it's now notorious "Foreign Policy".
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Worst Supporting Actor

Won award for "Town & Country".
Golden Raspberry Award

Worst Supporting Actor

Nominated for "Town & Country".
Golden Raspberry Award

Kennedy Center Honors

Won Kennedy Center Honors.

Outstanding Informational Special

Nominated for "Andersonville Diaries".
Primetime Emmy Award
True Lies
MovieJul 12, 1994

True Lies

Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leads a …
Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leads a double life. At work he is a government agent with a license to do just about anything, while at home he pretends to be a dull computer salesman. He is on the trail of stolen nuclear weapons that are in the hands of fanatic terrorists when something more important comes up. Harry finds his wife is seeing another man (Bill Paxton) because she needs some adventure in her life. Harry decides to give it to her, juggling pursuit of terrorists on one hand and an adventure for his wife on the other while showing he can Tango all at once.
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Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award

Nominated for Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award.
Holly Ann Heston
ChildAugust 1961

Holly Ann Heston

Holly Ann Heston born.
Fraser Clarke Heston
ChildFebruary 1955

Fraser Clarke Heston

Fraser Clarke Heston (born February 12, 1955 in Los …
Fraser Clarke Heston (born February 12, 1955 in Los Angeles, California) is an American film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor. He is the son of actors Charlton Heston and Lydia Clarke, and has one sibling, a sister, Holly Rochell Heston.
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