American Actress

Christine White

  • May 04, 1926 - Apr 14, 2013 (age 86)
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Christine White
PersonalApril 2013

Christine White

Christine White passed away.
James Dean
MovieFeb 19, 1976

James Dean

A dramatization of the story of legendary movie actor …
A dramatization of the story of legendary movie actor James Dean. The film's writer, William Bast, had roomed with Dean in the early '50s, when both were trying to break into films as actors.
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Magnum Force
MovieDec 13, 1973

Magnum Force

Labor racketeer Carmine Ricca (Richard Devon) is acquitted …
Labor racketeer Carmine Ricca (Richard Devon) is acquitted of a multiple murder on a technicality, but after leaving the courthouse amidst a sea of reporters and a mob of angry demonstrators, he is driven away, and some time later that day is found shot to death with his driver, lawyer, and a bodyguard. San Francisco Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) and his new partner Earlington "Early" Smith (Felton Perry) drive by, but are asked to leave by Callahan's boss Lieutenant Neil Briggs (Hal Holbrook), who had Harry and "Early" transferred out of Homicide to Stakeout because he despises Harry's methods. Another mob figure is gunned down in his pool with a large gathering of guests, but it not until the killing of a known pimp (Albert Popwell), and after Harry has foiled a plane hijacking and liquor store hold-up, that Harry and "Early" are reassigned to Homicide to head the investigation of these killings. Harry soon clashes with Briggs over the Police's primary suspect, Frank Palancio (Tony Giorgio), a clash that becomes hotter when a Palancio associate and a uniformed traffic officer are shot to death, and a subsequent raid on Palancio explodes in a firefight, a raid that Harry finds was a set-up by the real killers.
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The Rogues
TV ShowSep 13, 1964

The Rogues

The Rogues is an American television series that …
The Rogues is an American television series that appeared on NBC from September 13, 1964, to April 18, 1965, starring David Niven, Charles Boyer, and Gig Young as a related trio of former conmen who could, for the right price, be persuaded to trick a very wealthy and heinously unscrupulous mark. Although it won the 1964 Golden Globe award for Best Television Series, the show was cancelled after one season consisting of thirty episodes.
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Christine White
BirthMay 1926

Christine White

Christine White was born.
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