Colin Clive

  • Jan 20, 1900 - Jun 25, 1937 (age 37)
  • 6' 0" (1.83 m)
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These Amazing Shadows
MovieJan 22, 2011

These Amazing Shadows

Tells the history and …
Tells the history and importance of The National Film Registry, a roll call of American cinema treasures that reflects the diversity of film, and indeed the American experience itself.
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Colin Clive
PersonalJune 1937

Colin Clive

Colin Clive passed away.
The Woman I Love
MovieApr 15, 1937

The Woman I Love

In World War I France, a pilot falls in love with the wife of his …
In World War I France, a pilot falls in love with the wife of his friend and superior officer.
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History Is Made at Night
MovieMar 5, 1937

History Is Made at Night

The obsessive and jealous …
The obsessive and jealous shipowner Bruce Vail does not accept the divorce his wife Irene Vail achieved in London, and he hires his driver Michael Browsky to forge adultery with Irene in Paris to make the decree null. However, she is rescued by the headwaiter Paul Dumond, who punches Michael and locks Bruce and his private eyes in a locker, and they spend a wonderful night together in the restaurant Chateau Bleu, where Paul and his best friend Chef Cesare work, and they fall in love for each other. Meanwhile, Bruce kills Michael and blackmails Irene, blaming Paul and forcing her to return with him to New York. But Paul does not give up on Irene, and moves to New York with Cesare trying to find her love.
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Jeanne De Casalis
MarriageJune 1929

Jeanne De Casalis

Jeanne de Casalis (22 May 1897 – 19 August 1966) was a …
Jeanne de Casalis (22 May 1897 – 19 August 1966) was a Basutoland-born British actress of stage, radio, TV and film. Born in Basutoland as Jeanne Casalis de Pury, she was educated in France, where her businessman father was the proprietor of one of that country's largest corset retailers, Charneaux. She initiated her career in music first, only later beginning to work onstage in London. She appeared on stage in The Mask of Virtue with Vivien Leigh (1935), and in Agatha Christie's The Hollow. Her best-known films were Cottage to Let (1941) and Jamaica Inn (1939).
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Colin Clive

Colin Clive

Colin Clive was born.
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