American Actress

Dolores Sutton

  • Feb 04, 1927 - May 11, 2009 (age 82)
  • 5' 2" (1.57 m)
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Dolores Sutton
PersonalMay 2009

Dolores Sutton

Dolores Sutton passed away.
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
MovieMay 4, 1990

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

This is really three shorter …
This is really three shorter movies, bound together by a fourth tale in which the other three stories are read. The first segment features an animated mummy stalking selected student victims; the second tale tells the story of a "cat from Hell" who cannot be killed and leaves a trail of victims behind it; the third story is about a man who witnesses a bizarre killing and promises never to tell what he saw, and the "in-between" bit is the story of a woman preparing to cook her newspaper boy for supper.
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Crimes and Misdemeanors
MovieOct 13, 1989

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Judah Rosenthal is an …
Judah Rosenthal is an ophthalmologist and a pillar of the community who has a big problem: his mistress Dolores Paley has told him that he is to leave his wife and marry her - as he had promised to do - or she will tell everyone of their affair. When he intercepts a letter Dolores has written to his wife Miriam, he is frantic. He confesses all to his shady brother Jack who assures him that he has friends who can take care of her. Meanwhile, filmmaker Cliff Stern is having his own problems. He's been working on a documentary film for some time but has yet to complete it. He and his wife Wendy have long ago stopped loving one another and are clearly on their way to divorce. He falls in love with Halley Reed who works with a producer, Lester. Cliff soon finds himself making a documentary about Lester and hates every minute of it.
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Crossing Delancey
MovieAug 17, 1988

Crossing Delancey

Isabelle's life revolves around the New York bookshop she …
Isabelle's life revolves around the New York bookshop she works in and the intellectual friends of both sexes she meets there. Her grandmother remains less than impressed and decides to hire a good old-fashioned Jewish matchmaker to help Isabelle's love-life along. Enter pickle-maker Sam who immediately takes to Isabelle. She however is irritated by the whole business, at least to start with.
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Michael Reis

Michael Reis

Married Michael Reis.
Dolores Sutton
BirthFebruary 1927

Dolores Sutton

Dolores Sutton was born.
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