American Stage Actress

Evelyn Selbie

  • Jul 06, 1871 - Dec 07, 1950 (age 79)
  • 5' 3" (1.61 m)
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Evelyn Selbie
PersonalDecember 1950

Evelyn Selbie

Evelyn Selbie passed away.
Diamond Frontier
MovieOct 1, 1940

Diamond Frontier

Story of the early days of the diamond-mining era in South …
Story of the early days of the diamond-mining era in South Africa.
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Winners of the West
MovieJul 2, 1940

Winners of the West

One of the writers of this serial, George H. Plympton, dusted …
One of the writers of this serial, George H. Plympton, dusted the story off and re-sold it to Sam Katzman for a Columbia 1951 serial called "Roar of the Iron Horse". "Winners of the West" was Universal's 47th sound-era serial, falling between "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" and "Junior G-Men", and while it utilizes plenty of stock footage featuring Cliff Lyons doubling Buck Jones and Johnny Mack Brown from earlier Universal serials, the use of such is less than in most Universal serials of the time. Jeff Ramsay (Dick Foran), assistant to John Hartford (Edward Keane), President of the Hartford Transcontinental Railroad, is fighting to advance the line through Hell's Gate Pass. King Carter (Harry Woods), self-styled ruler of the land beyond the pass, plans to block the contruction of the railroad. Carter hires Snakeye (Charles Stevens), a renegade half-breed, to lead the Indians on raids against the construction camps. Hartford's daughter, Claire (Anne Nagel), is captured and held hostage until Jeff and scout Tex Houston (Tom Fadden) come to her rescue. Spurred on by Carter, the Indians and some hired henchmen rob supply trains, drive surveyors off and burn down the telegraph station. Finally, in a battle at Black Hawk, Carter's gang is wiped out by Jeff and Jim Jackson (James Craig.) Carter is turned over to the law, and a peace treaty is signed with Chief War Eagle (Chief Yowlachie) . Jeff, and his bride, Claire are happy as pioneers welcome the first transcontinental train.
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Girls Can Play
MovieJun 23, 1937

Girls Can Play

Foy Harris (John Gallaudet) is a bootlegger selling illegal …
Foy Harris (John Gallaudet) is a bootlegger selling illegal booze and also running a girl's professional softball team and is romancing the team's catcher Sue Collins (Rita Hayworth). The murder of one of the team members gets a police detective, Lieutenant Flannigan (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams and Jimmy Jones (Charles Quigley) a dim-witted, cub newspaper sports reporter involved. The reporter also has a romance going with the team's ace pitcher Ann Casey (Julie Bishop as Jacqueline Wells.)
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Evelyn Selbie
BirthJuly 1871

Evelyn Selbie

Evelyn Selbie was born.
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