Television Actress

Fenella Fielding

  • Nov 17, 1927 - Sep 11, 2018 (age 90)
  • 5' 5" (1.65 m)
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Fenella Fielding
PersonalSeptember 2018

Fenella Fielding

Fenella Fielding passed away.
Worst Fears
MovieSep 5, 2016

Worst Fears

Seven nightmarish tales from legendary British horror film …
Seven nightmarish tales from legendary British horror film writer and producer David McGillivray: collaborator with Pete Walker and Norman J. Warren, and the fiendish screenwriter behind ...
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Radio Mania: An Abandoned Work
MovieMay 7, 2009

Radio Mania: An Abandoned Work

Radio Mania: An Abandoned …
Radio Mania: An Abandoned Work is a 3D film by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. It takes as its starting point one of the first 3D films ever made - The Man from M.A.R.S. It was made to demonstrate 'Teleview', a stereoscopic motion picture system invented by Laurens Hammond. Following a premiere in New York, the show closed 24 days later, after which 'Teleview' and the film were never seen again. Hammond continued as an inventor and created the Hammond organ. The artists have set about creating a contemporary adaptation of this silent film in which an inventor succeeds in building a radio transmission device capable of communicating with intelligent life on Mars. He receives a scientific formula to turn coal into diamonds, only to have his new-found wealth disappear when he wakes up, finding that his dreams had been inspired by newspaper reports of Marconi's experiments with radio signals. Radio Mania: An Abandoned Work is a work in progress caught in stereoscopic limbo. Having set about their reworking of the film the artists then staged and filmed a rehearsal for their adaptation using contemporary 3D video technology, capturing the actors, directors and musicians working on the script and score. The rehearsal is stuck on repeat, like a locked-groove record. Their entertaining, stark and compelling odyssey recalls Beckett, creating an atmosphere that oscillates between the theatricality of the stage and the illusionism of cinema. The work focuses on the 'between states', between reality and artifice, dream state and hallucination.
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The Legend of Dick and Dom
TV ShowJan 2, 2009

The Legend of Dick and Dom

The Legend of Dick and Dom …
The Legend of Dick and Dom is a sitcom that stars Dick and Dom as two budding young princes who are on a quest to find the antidote to a terrible plague that consumed Fyredor because Dick accidentally dropped the cure. The all star cast also includes Mannitol (Steve Furst), a wizard who is really bad at doing magic, and Lutin (Chloe Bale), a thief who was released from prison. During the quest, they have to find various items e.g. a magnofish. They then put it in a special bottle to complete their potion. The programme is narrated by former Monty Python member Terry Jones. After the season three finale on 24 March 2011, the show was cancelled.
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Fenella Fielding
BirthNovember 1927

Fenella Fielding

Fenella Fielding was born.
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