American Film Actress

Fern Emmett

  • Mar 22, 1896 - Sep 03, 1946 (age 50)
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Fern Emmett
PersonalSeptember 1946

Fern Emmett

Fern Emmett passed away.
Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More
MovieJul 8, 1944

Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More

Kathie Aumont has just …
Kathie Aumont has just arrived in the big city to work at a defense plant. When the promised accommodation with her friend Sally falls through, Kathie is forced to find somewhere else to live in the city where there is a virtually zero vacancy. She is able to finagle renting the apartment of Johnny Moore, who is just heading off into the marines. What Johnny forgets to tell her before he leaves is that he has given his apartment key to many of his enlisted friends for them to be able to use the apartment whenever they are in town. As such, Kathie never knows who she's going to find in the apartment. Complications ensue when Kathie falls for two of them, and they with her. One of them is Mike O'Brien, a navy sailor and notorious womanizer. The other is Johnny himself, Kathie and he who had a moment before he left and who comes home unexpectedly on a twenty-four hour pass. It gets even more complicated when one of the apartment keys gets into the wrong hands. All these complications are fueled by a gremlin, who vowed to Kathie that he would oversee her seven weeks of bad luck for spilling some salt.
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Dead Men Walk
MovieFeb 10, 1943

Dead Men Walk

We meet Doctor Lloyd Clayton at the funeral of his twin …
We meet Doctor Lloyd Clayton at the funeral of his twin brother, evil magician Elwyn. Zolarr, Elwyn's hunchbacked servant, accuses Lloyd of Elwyn's murder, but Lloyd claims it was self-defense. Lloyd's niece Gayle and her fiance David soon find that Elwyn's evil influence is still at work.
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Cinderella Swings It
MovieJan 22, 1943

Cinderella Swings It

Scattergood Baines, Coldriver's most popular citizen, …
Scattergood Baines, Coldriver's most popular citizen, neighborly counselor and sly old fox, entices a Broadway producer to Coldriver to see the gay musical extravaganza Baines is staging for the benefit of the U.S.O. He is also promoting the singing career of his latest local protégé, Betty Palmer. There are a few problems but the Sage of Coldriver manages to keep pulling the right strings.
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Fern Emmett
BirthMarch 1896

Fern Emmett

Fern Emmett was born.
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