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Florence Barker

  • Nov 22, 1891 - Feb 15, 1913 (age 21)
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Florence Barker
PersonalFebruary 1913

Florence Barker

Florence Barker passed away.
The Petticoat Detective
MovieDec 11, 1912

The Petticoat Detective

Harold reads in a newspaper …
Harold reads in a newspaper that his fiancée Dolly, has been attacked by a bad man who is holding up women in the isolated parts of the city. He calls on her and announces that he will investigate the matter. He leaves in a pompous manner and the Rev. Hollister Crimshaw meets Dolly and the attraction is mutual. The minister decides to masquerade in the role of an amateur detective and distinguishes himself as the capturer of the bad man. Harold disguises in feminine garments and sallies forth to effect the capture of the man feared by the women. Dolly being a strong-minded young woman, arms herself with a formidable hatpin and goes out to wreak vengeance on the purse snatcher. Dolly meets up with Spike and he attacks her only to get worsted in the encounter with his hide punctured by the hatpin. In the meantime Harold has trailed the minister, whom he suspects of being the man sought. The minister penetrates his disguise sufficiently to see that Harold is a man masquerading in feminine apparel and he suddenly attacks Harold and they go to the pavement in their struggles. In the meantime Dolly has Spike down, sitting on him, yelling for help. Harold and the minister struggle towards her and Dolly and the minister recognize each other. The minister announces he has caught the bad man while Dolly contends the honors of the capture belong to her. Harold tries to explain, but the minister will not listen. In the mix-up Spike make good his escape and Harold is escorted to the police station by Dolly and the minister. Once there, Harold is shown up in a sorry plight and the Rev. Hollister Grimshaw walks away with Dolly in triumph while Harold is kicked out of the police station.
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A Dreamland Tragedy
MovieNov 1, 1912

A Dreamland Tragedy

A family quarrel and the sight of a large roll of money, the pay …
A family quarrel and the sight of a large roll of money, the pay roll, so influences the mind of the laborer's daughter that she dreams of terrible things happening to her father, brother and sweetheart, the paymaster. In dreamland she sees her father drug her sweetheart's liquor and taking him home, proceeds to rob him of the pay roll. Coming upon them unawares, the girl manages to get the father out of the way, then summoning all her strength literally carries the young paymaster out of the house. In the meantime, her brother, a shiftless character, returns home and resolving to take things easy, falls asleep on the bed where the old man had placed the paymaster. On returning from his errand, the father sees that the coast is clear, steals to the bed, still intent upon securing the pay roll and unaware of the fact that the figure on the bed is his own son instead of the intended victim. A struggle ensues in which the father chokes the son to insensibility and is discovered by the girl. At this juncture the men return from work and find the girl moaning in her sleep. With her awakening comes the realization that her terrible tragedy happened only in dreamland.
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Just a Woman
MovieOct 25, 1912

Just a Woman

Mamie, a girl of the underworld, whose only education has …
Mamie, a girl of the underworld, whose only education has been that of crime, becomes a daring house-breaker and succeeds in looting many of the apartment houses and private residences in the suburbs. Completely nonplussed, the police are obliged to call in special detective service, and a noted sleuth is assigned to the ease. Detective White frequents the haunts of the girl, finally meeting and ingratiating himself in the role of a lover. Disguised as one of the habitués of the dive, he tries for some time to secure damaging evidence, but is unsuccessful. In his attentions to Mamie he arouses the Jealousy of big "Bill," a notorious crook, whose suspicions are aroused as to the detective's true calling. Through persistent shadowing, he finds his suspicions correct and just as the detective had planned to make a clean haul, denounces him before the gang and in the hearing of the girl. Although thoroughly disillusioned, the girl cannot forget the one good influence that entered her life, and as the gang is about to wreak its vengeance, she throws herself upon the gun in the hands of "Big Bill" and in the struggle, receives the shot intended for the detective.
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On the Danger Line
MovieOct 11, 1912

On the Danger Line

On the Danger Line released.
Florence Barker
BirthNovember 1891

Florence Barker

Florence Barker was born.
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