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Florence Bates

  • Apr 15, 1888 - Jan 31, 1954 (age 65)
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Florence Bates

Florence Bates

Florence Bates passed away.
Paris Model
MovieNov 10, 1953

Paris Model

The story of a dress and the effects it has on the women who …
The story of a dress and the effects it has on the women who wear it begs the question of where is O.Henry when he is needed. "Nude at Midnight", a new and daring Paris style creation is worn by Gogo Mantaine to try and ensnare the Rajah of Kim-Kepore but he is attracted to Lisa, the girl who modeled the dress. Marion Parmelee dons the gown to charm her husband's retiring (as in quitting) boss, Patrick James Sullivan, into letting her husband, Jack Parmelee take over the business, but the boss' wife Nora, who really runs the business, has other ideas. The same model dress is worn by Betty Barnes, in an effort to attract her boss, lawyer Edgar Blevins, who is married to a dowdy wife, Cora, but the wife turns up wearing the same dress. Marta Jensen uses the dress to inveigle her reluctant sweetheart, Charlie Johnson into a marriage proposal. Since she also attracts the Rajah, her options expand.
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Main Street to Broadway
MovieOct 13, 1953

Main Street to Broadway

In New York City, a surly, …
In New York City, a surly, down-on-his-heels playwright meets a country girl who's giving up trying to act and returning home. He goes with her for inspiration when his agent convinces a stage star to take his next effort. When he returns to Broadway, his girl stays behind and starts seeing a local businessman.
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Les Miserables
MovieAug 14, 1952

Les Miserables

After stealing a loaf a bread to feed a starving family, Jean …
After stealing a loaf a bread to feed a starving family, Jean Valjean is sentenced to ten years at hard labor as a galley slave. There he is taught to read and write by another prisoner and meets Javert, an obsessive policeman who was himself born to convict parents aboard a prison ship. After his release, Valjean is treated as a pariah but finally finds shelter in the home of a kindly bishop. Valjean repays the clergyman's generosity by stealing his silver plate. He is apprehended by the authorities and returned to the bishop but is amazed when the kindly old priest tells them that the valuable plates were a gift. This becomes a transforming experience for the ex-convict, who establishes himself under an assumed name in a small country village as factory manager and ultimately mayor. Unfortunately the newly-promoted Javert is assigned there as chief inspector. Although he doesn't recognize his old nemesis at first, the two clash over Javert's overzealous prosecution of the letter of the law. When a mentally challenged homeless man is arrested and accused of being Valjean, the conscience-ridden parole violator reveals his true identity to the court and the already suspicious Javert. Valjean is forced to abandon his property and with his adopted daughter again flee the relentless pursuit of Javert.
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The San Francisco Story
MovieMay 9, 1952

The San Francisco Story

In 1856, San Francisco is the …
In 1856, San Francisco is the scene of political battles between criminal organizations led by corrupt politicians and Vigilantes Committees formed by honest citizens.
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Will Jacoby

Will Jacoby

Married Will Jacoby.
Florence Bates
BirthApril 1888

Florence Bates

Florence Bates was born.
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