American Actress

Florence La Badie

  • Apr 27, 1888 - Oct 13, 1917 (age 29)
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Florence La Badie
PersonalOctober 1917

Florence La Badie

Florence La Badie passed away.
The Man Without a Country
MovieSep 9, 1917

The Man Without a Country

When Barbara Norton is left …
When Barbara Norton is left orphaned, she goes to live with her aunt and uncle. Time passes, now grown to adulthood, Barbara, becomes engaged to a wealthy young man who believes in pacifism. When the United States declares war on Germany, Barbara's fiance declines to enlist, and so Barbara gives him back his engagement ring and goes to France as a Red Cross nurse. En route, her steamer is torpedoed and Barbara is assumed to be drowned. Even this tragedy does not inspire the young man's patriotism and when solicited to enlist, he declares that the United States be damned. These sentiments shock an old friend of his father's, who brings the young man a copy of the book The Man Without a Country . Upon reading the book, the young man visualizes the story of Philip Nolan and is compelled to serve his country. As he is about to go to war, Barbara returns, and the two lovers embrace.
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The Woman in White
MovieJul 1, 1917

The Woman in White

Based on the classic Wilkie Collins novel The Woman In White.
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Divorce and the Daughter
MovieDec 3, 1916

Divorce and the Daughter

A married man suddenly …
A married man suddenly inherits a fortune, and finally has enough money to live his dream of becoming an artist. He moves his wife and daughter to a big expensive home and starts living the life of a "bohemian" artist. When he begins an affair with another woman, his wife leaves him and his daughter, Alicia, breaks off her engagement to a wealthy doctor and becomes involved in the "free love" movement espoused by one Herbert Rawlins. Rawlins, however, has his own plans for Alicia, and they don't involve "sharing" her with anyone else. Complications ensue.
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The Pillory
MovieOct 8, 1916

The Pillory

A young girl is kept ignorant of her mother by her aunt. After her …
A young girl is kept ignorant of her mother by her aunt. After her aunt dies, the girl is used by crooks and arrested. In prison she meets a kindly woman, who is married to a judge. The woman, unbeknownst to the girl, is her mother, and adopts her. The companion of the deceased aunt, in the midst of a ball, denounces the mother and reveals her secret to the judge and guests. The judge will not forgive his wife, so the mother and daughter leave and work among the slums to benefit humanity. Eventually, the judge relents, and seeks his wife for forgiveness, but he is too late.
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Florence La Badie
BirthApril 1888

Florence La Badie

Florence La Badie was born.
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