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French Film Actress

Florence Marly

  • Jun 02, 1919 - Nov 09, 1978 (age 59)
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Florence Marly
PersonalNovember 1978

Florence Marly

Florence Marly passed away.
Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls
MovieOct 1, 1973

Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls

John Considine plays the …
John Considine plays the flamboyant Dr. Death, a thousand-year-old magician who has mastered he art of transferring souls from one body to another and thereby manages to perpetuate himself by jumping from one body to the next. Apparently the Doc is a kindred spirit since his blood is a highly-corrosive acid that can strip flesh from bone.
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Love, American Style
TV ShowSep 29, 1969

Love, American Style

Love, American Style is an anthology comedy …
Love, American Style is an anthology comedy television series produced by Paramount Television that originally aired between 1969 and 1974. For the 1971 and 1972 seasons, it was a part of an ABC Friday prime-time lineup that also included The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Room 222 and The Odd Couple.
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MovieSep 17, 1967


A young hip New York couple, Jennifer and Paul …
A young hip New York couple, Jennifer and Paul Montgomery, love to play games. Jennifer is a wealthy heiress and inherited their New York brownstone from her mother. Paul for his part likes to spend her money and indulges his interests in modern art. They hold frequent parties and play their games. Into their lives appears Lisa Schindler, a door to door saleswoman. They decide to play one of their practical jokes on the grocery delivery man, Norman, where a supposedly jealous Paul accuses him of making advances to Jennifer, He shoots him twice - with blanks - and everyone has a laugh but the third shot kills him. In the days following his death Jennifer begins to hear noises in the house and seeing shadowy figures at the end of dark hallways. Is it all a game?
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Count Adolf Degenhart von Wurmbrand-Stuppach

Count Adolf Degenhart von Wurmbra…

Married Count Adolf Degenhart von Wurmbrand-Stuppach.
Pierre Chenal

Pierre Chenal

Pierre Chenal (French: [ʃənal]; December 5, 1904 – …
Pierre Chenal (French: [ʃənal]; December 5, 1904 – December 23, 1990) was a French director and screenwriter who flourished in the 1930s. He was married to Czech-born French film actress Florence Marly from 1937 to 1955.
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