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MovieFeb 20, 2018


At her 39 years old, Paz is a Madrilenian woman which …
At her 39 years old, Paz is a Madrilenian woman which life is on the verge of a nervous collapse: in her work in a marketing company she is constantly humiliated by her boss Borja, son of the previous owner and an unqualified man younger than Paz who only thinks in having sex with all his women employers that in addition hires Alicia (a famous twenty-something Internet influencer) to work as Paz's supervisor; Paz's best friend and gym teacher Vanessa is completely obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, looking him in dating Apps and social networks in the cell phone, ignoring to her friend all the times; Paz's sister Bea is a crazy cat lady who organize feasts for other cat ladies, caring extremely to her pet and asking Paz to care the cat a few days mean she travels to a meeting of an activist group by the rights of the cats; Paz's upstairs neighbor Kiko lives in a never-ending and noisy party in his house, making Paz can't sleep a single night easy and quietly; Paz's boyfriend Dante is an Argentinian artistic painter and too a lazy man who only lives for his pictures, neglecting their relationship and the house where they live together with Tolouse, Dante's son and Paz's stepson, a rude-spoken and illiterate teenager who openly rejects and despises Paz; and finally she is on the sly tempted by Gabriel, a job partner and her previous boyfriend before Dante who is on wedding preparations to marry with the jealousy, dominant and control-obsessive Alejandra. After having a panic attack overwhelmed by the situation of extreme loneliness she lives, Paz contacts a Hindi TV guru called Amil Narayan looking for a solution to her troubles. Giving Paz a special potion to heal her, she unwittingly takes all it instantly, instead a little drops as Amil explained. It causes an unexpected secondary effect, and Paz discovers herself unable to keep guard by more time all the trues and opinions about the world around her, turning upside-down her life in the process.
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Late Motiv de Andreu Buenafuente
TV ShowJan 11, 2016

Late Motiv de Andreu Buenafuente

Late Motiv (also known as …
Late Motiv (also known as Late Motiv de Andreu Buenafuente) is a Spanish late-night talk show hosted by Andreu Buenafuente. It airs on #0, the flagship TV channel of subscription platform Movistar+, and is Buenafuente's first program to air on pay television.
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Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas
MovieOct 3, 2014

Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas

Crooked cop Torrente gets …
Crooked cop Torrente gets out of jail in the year 2018 to find a different Spain from the one he knew.
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Lidia de Fernández

Lidia de Fernández

Married Lidia de Fernández.
Juan Fernández

Juan Fernández

Juan Fernández born.
Florentino Fernández
BirthNovember 1972

Florentino Fernández

Florentino Fernández was born.
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