American Film Actor

Francis Ford

  • Aug 14, 1881 - Sep 05, 1953 (age 72)
  • 6' 0" (1.83 m)
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Francis Ford
PersonalSeptember 1953

Francis Ford

Francis Ford passed away.
The Sun Shines Bright
MovieMar 13, 1953

The Sun Shines Bright

John Ford weaves three …
John Ford weaves three "Judge Priest" stories together to form a good- natured exploration of honour and small-town politics in the South around the turn of the century. Judge William Priest is involved variously in revealing the real identity of Lucy Lake, reliving his Civil War memories, preventing the lynching of a youth and contesting the elections with Yankee Horace K. Maydew.
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The Quiet Man
MovieJun 6, 1952

The Quiet Man

Retired boxer Sean Thornton returns to his native Ireland …
Retired boxer Sean Thornton returns to his native Ireland to live out his remaining years. He purchases the cottage in which he was born from the widow Sarah Tilane raising the ire of "Red" Will Danaher who had long had his eye on the property. He no sooner arrives than he sees the beautiful red-haired Mary-Kate, Danaher's sister. He runs up against local custom in trying to see her however, requiring Will Danaher's permission to court his sister and then facing several steps in the courting process before they can marry. With the help of several friends - who make Will think Sean is sweet on the widow Tilane - they are quickly married. Sean has a secret however, one that forced him to leave his boxing career and America.
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Wagon Master
MovieApr 19, 1950

Wagon Master

As Mormon settlers head to the promised land at the San …
As Mormon settlers head to the promised land at the San Juan river in Utah, they hire horse traders Travis Blue and Sandy as wagon masters. They have to forge a trail across unknown territory and face many hardships along the way. They quickly come across some stranded travelers, a medicine show run by Dr. A. Locksley Hall which includes the attractive Denver. Along the way however, they are also joined by Shiloh Clegg and his murderous clan of robbers and thieves. An encounter with the Navajo leads to an invitation to their camp but after one of the Clegg boys gets a whipping for attacking one of the Navajo women, Uncle Shiloh plans his revenge. It's left to Sandy and Travis to protect the travelers and get them to their destination.
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Mary Armstrong

Mary Armstrong

Married Mary Armstrong.
Philip Ford
ChildOctober 1900

Philip Ford

Philip J. Ford (October 16, 1900 – January 12, 1976) was an …
Philip J. Ford (October 16, 1900 – January 12, 1976) was an American film director and actor. He directed 43 films between 1945 and 1964. He also appeared 16 in films between 1916 and 1926. He was the son of actor/director Francis Ford and the nephew of director John Ford. He was born with the family name Feeney in Portland, Maine, and only later took on the family name of "Ford" after his father and uncle had. He died in Los Angeles, California.
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