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Francis Pierlot

  • Jul 15, 1875 - May 11, 1955 (age 79)
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Francis Pierlot
PersonalMay 1955

Francis Pierlot

Francis Pierlot passed away.
The Halls of Ivy
TV ShowOct 19, 1954

The Halls of Ivy

The Halls of Ivy is an American situation comedy that ran …
The Halls of Ivy is an American situation comedy that ran from 1950–52 on NBC radio, created by Fibber McGee & Molly co-creator/writer Don Quinn. The series was adapted into a CBS television comedy (1954–55) produced by ITC Entertainment and Television Programs of America. British husband-and-wife actors Ronald Colman and Benita Hume starred in both versions of the show.
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The Prisoner of Zenda
MovieNov 4, 1952

The Prisoner of Zenda

English trout fisher Rudolf …
English trout fisher Rudolf Rassendyll is about the only tourist not coming for the coronation of Central-European King Rudolf V at Strelsau, but happens to be a distant relative and is approached on account of their canning resemblance to stand in for the drunken king, in order to prevent his envious half-brother Michael, who arranged spiking his wine to seize the throne when the reputedly less then dutiful Rudolf stays away. The ceremony goes well, and he gets acquainted with the charming royal bride, related princess Flavia, but afterward the king is found to be abducted; he must continue the charade and once the hiding place, the castle of Zenda, is found is involved in the fight between political parties for control over Rudolf V, his throne and his bride, for which a formidable third candidate, Michael's disloyal co-conspirator Rupert of Hentzau, was waiting in the curtains.
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The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
TV ShowOct 3, 1952

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

The Adventures of Ozzie and …
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet is an American sitcom, which aired on ABC from October 3, 1952 through April 23, 1966, and starred the real-life Nelson family. After a long run on radio, the show was brought to television, where it continued its success, initially running simultaneously on radio and TV. The series starred the entertainment duo of Ozzie Nelson and his wife, singer Harriet Nelson, and their sons, David and Ricky. Don DeFore had a recurring role as the Nelsons' neighbor "Thorny".
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Four Star Playhouse
TV ShowSep 25, 1952

Four Star Playhouse

Four Star Playhouse is an American television …
Four Star Playhouse is an American television anthology series that ran from 1952 to 1956. Four Star Playhouse was owned by Four Star International. Its episodes ranged anywhere from surreal mysteries, such as "The Man on the Train", to light comedies, such as "The Lost Silk Hat". The original premise was that Charles Boyer, Ida Lupino, David Niven, and Dick Powell would take turns starring in episodes. However, several other performers took the lead from time to time, including Ronald Colman and Joan Fontaine.
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Francis Pierlot
BirthJuly 1875

Francis Pierlot

Francis Pierlot was born.
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