American Actor

Frank Cady

  • Sep 08, 1915 - Jun 08, 2012 (age 96)
  • 5' 10" (1.78 m)
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Frank Cady
PersonalJune 2012

Frank Cady

Frank Cady passed away.
Return to Green Acres
MovieMay 18, 1990

Return to Green Acres

Tv movie that reunites most …
Tv movie that reunites most of the show's cast members. The Douglases move back to New York. But when Haney tries to get everyone's property so that a developer can build on them, the ...
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TV ShowSep 26, 1983


AfterMASH is an American sitcom produced as the second spin …
AfterMASH is an American sitcom produced as the second spin-off and continuation of M*A*S*H that aired on CBS from September 26, 1983, to May 31, 1985. The series takes place immediately following the end of the Korean War and chronicles the adventures of three characters from the original series: Colonel Sherman T. Potter (played by Harry Morgan), Maxwell Klinger (played by Jamie Farr) and Father John Mulcahy (played by William Christopher). M*A*S*H supporting cast-member Kellye Nakahara joined them, albeit off-camera, as the voice of the hospital's public address system. Rosalind Chao rounded out the starring cast as Soon-Lee Klinger, a Korean refugee whom Klinger met, fell in love with and married in the M*A*S*H series finale "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen."
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ABC Weekend Special
TV ShowSep 10, 1977

ABC Weekend Special

ABC Weekend Special is a weekly 30-minute American …
ABC Weekend Special is a weekly 30-minute American television anthology series for children that aired Saturday mornings on ABC from 1977 to 1997 which featured a wide variety of stories that were both live-action and animated. Similar to both ABC Afterschool Special and The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie, the ABC Weekend Special differed in that it was primarily aimed at younger viewers following ABC's Saturday-morning cartoon lineup, whereas the ABC Afterschool Special was known for its somewhat more serious, and often dramatic, storylines dealing with issues concerning a slightly older teen and pre-teen audience.
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Shirley Cady

Shirley Cady

Married Shirley Cady.
Frank Cady
BirthSeptember 1915

Frank Cady

Frank Cady was born.
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