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Frankie Carle

  • Mar 25, 1903 - Mar 07, 2001 (age 97)
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Silver & Gold
AlbumSep 18, 2007

Silver & Gold

Silver & Gold released.
Piano Style Of/Play for Me
AlbumSep 14, 2004

Piano Style Of/Play for Me

Piano Style Of/Play for Me released.
April in Portugal/Cocktail Time
AlbumJun 22, 2004

April in Portugal/Cocktail Time

April in Portugal/Cocktail Time released.
Frankie Carle
PersonalMarch 2001

Frankie Carle

Frankie Carle passed away.
Marjorie Hughes
ChildDecember 1925

Marjorie Hughes

Marjorie Hughes (born Marjorie Carle, December 15, …
Marjorie Hughes (born Marjorie Carle, December 15, 1925) is a former singer; she was a singer in the Frankie Carle Orchestra. She was also Frankie Carle's daughter. After singers Betty Bonney (aka Judy Johnson) and Phyllis Lynne had come and gone, Carle was auditioning new female singers - some in person, and some by means of demo records. Carle's wife sneaked in a demo of Carle's daughter recorded from a radio program. She was singing with the Paul Martin band in her first singing job. Carle liked the singer he heard on the demo, at first unaware that it was his daughter. When he decided to give his daughter a chance with his band, Carle changed his daughter's name to Marjorie Hughes, so that the public wouldn't know she was his daughter until he could be certain she'd make the grade. The band made a hit recording with Marjorie Hughes on the vocal, entitled "Oh, What It Seemed To Be." With the success of that song, Walter Winchell announced that Marjorie Hughes was actually Frankie Carle's daughter.
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Frankie Carle
BirthMarch 1903

Frankie Carle

Frankie Carle was born.
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