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MovieSep 17, 1997


Immortal Richard Wayborn uses the bodies of the young …
Immortal Richard Wayborn uses the bodies of the young women he kills to temporarily bring his wife back from the dead. They're Soul Mates. But Sara, his latest target, may be more than he bargained for
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Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College
MovieAug 16, 1990

Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College

The little prankster demons …
The little prankster demons are back in Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College, 1991. This time, they aren't so little and they have learned a great deal about how to spread fear, create mayhem and plunge into gore. This installment is a raucous and raunchy ride through a twisted tale of science meeting myth and the chaotic creatures which follow. It is prank week at college and the mood is right for terror and evil play. When a revered professor discovers an ancient Greek text that outlines the incantation for resurrecting a ghastly menace, he recites the spell out of sick and twisted curiosity. From sorority shower-to-shower and frat basement-to-basement, an unspeakable curse is laid. A portal is opened and the Ghoulies are unleashed on the drunken hoard of coeds. The demons adopt more sophisticated and inventive M.O.s as they bring their own brand of hazing to the unsuspecting student body. Actually, it is all about student bodies. The Ghoulie troupe terrorizes philandering guys and mercilessly taunt and torture beautiful, scantily-clad babes at every turn. They also swill plenty of free beer along the way. With the academic cunning of the movie's hero, an ultimate weapon is discovered to use against the Ghoulies who are really beginning to enjoy their time at school in a very macabre way. When the professor responsible for the week's inexplicable events tries to control the situation, the Ghoulies' power, purpose and malice is transformed into a super demon Hell-bent on destroying the entire campus--and all of mankind! Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College, is directed by John Carl Beuchler and stars Thom Hernandez, Andrew Barach, Hope Marie Carlton and Kathy Benson. It is a bloody, no-pity party straight out of a cute young couple's worst nightmare!
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Return to Justice
MovieJul 7, 1990

Return to Justice

Photojournalist Bo and his girlfriend Angie are captured and …
Photojournalist Bo and his girlfriend Angie are captured and falsely imprisoned in Colombia.
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Rima Belinda Uranga

Rima Belinda Uranga

Married Rima Belinda Uranga.
Griffin O'Neal
BirthOctober 1964

Griffin O'Neal

Griffin O'Neal was born.
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