Guy Rolfe

  • Dec 27, 1911 - Oct 19, 2003 (age 91)
  • 6' 4" (1.93 m)
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Puppet Master: The Legacy
MovieDec 16, 2003

Puppet Master: The Legacy

Puppet Master: The Legacy …
Puppet Master: The Legacy is a horror film that was released in 2003. The movie starts in a flashback where an agent was reading a diary entry. The diary bursts into flames and the agent finds an unknown man talking to the puppet master's puppets. He explains that the puppet master doesn't want the puppets to be pass on and has a recording as proof. Back to the present day the two meet again, and she feels that he knows more than what he is telling. He explains that the puppets were part of an army and were defending their master and his secret elixir of immortality. The agent tells him that she knows what his plan was and she was going to stop him.
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Guy Rolfe
PersonalOctober 2003

Guy Rolfe

Guy Rolfe passed away.
Retro Puppet Master
MovieNov 9, 1999

Retro Puppet Master

It's 1892 and Sutekh is hopping mad. It seems a 3,000 year …
It's 1892 and Sutekh is hopping mad. It seems a 3,000 year old Egyptian sorcerer has stolen one of the God's secrets of life - that of instilling the souls of the dying into inanimate things. Sutekh raises three mummified former high priests, led by the villainous "First Servant", and charges them with recovering both the Sorceror and his secret. There is no lack of victims for the 3 high-faluting, stylish villains as they pursue their prey to 19th century Paris, and the very young puppeteer, Andre Toulon. Toulon runs a puppet theatre in the heart of Paris, and meets the sorcerer (the mysterious Afzel) when he is found by the lovely Swiss Ambassador's daughter Ilsa, after being nearly killed. It is there and then that we find the seed of things to come, and the origin of the Puppetmaster series of tales.
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Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
MovieSep 21, 1994

Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter

After having his demon …
After having his demon destroyed, an anciet evil creates a puppet of himself to release on the world. With the help of Toulon's spirit the Risk Myers destroys the demon and becomes the new puppet master
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Guy Rolfe
BirthDecember 1911

Guy Rolfe

Guy Rolfe was born.
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