Silent Film Actor

Herbert Prior

  • Jul 02, 1867 - Oct 03, 1954 (age 87)
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Herbert Prior
PersonalOctober 1954

Herbert Prior

Herbert Prior passed away.
Help Wanted, Female
MovieJan 11, 1931

Help Wanted, Female

A new housekeeper, her son, and two not-too-bright burglars …
A new housekeeper, her son, and two not-too-bright burglars wreak havoc at a doctor's office.
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Caught Short
MovieMay 10, 1930

Caught Short

Caught Short is a 1930 American Pre-Code comedy film …
Caught Short is a 1930 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by Charles Reisner and written by Robert E. Hopkins, Joseph H. Johnson and Willard Mack. The film stars Marie Dressler, Polly ...
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The Ace of Scotland Yard
MovieSep 30, 1929

The Ace of Scotland Yard

From the Universal synopsis: …
From the Universal synopsis: Retired Inspector Blake of Scotland Yard learns that Lord Blanton has acquired the sacred "Love Ring"---a cursed jewel that has brought grief to its previous owners. Prince Darius seeks to obtain the ring, and the mummy of a princess of an ancient country to return them to his homeland. Blake and his servant, Jarvis, find a card---The Queen of Diamonds---which is the mark of the most dangerous woman in the underworld. Mary Duveen , the Blanton housekeeper, is really the Queen, disguising herself as a spectacularly ugly crone. Darius comes to believe that Lady Diana Blanton, Lord Blanton's daughter, is the reincarnation of Princess Xah Fari, and sets his sights on her also. His hypnotic influence soon has the girl experiencing dreams of a vanished civilization. Mary acquires the ring and Jarvis recovers it and Mary steals it back and plants it on Lady Di, and then lures her to a Limehouse den but Blake and Jarvis follow and rescue her and the ring. Learning that Diana intends to give the ring to Darius, to end the effects of the curse, Blake substitutes a copy. He accuses Mary of theft, and reveals evidence that the real Queen of Diamonds is in prison, and she admits to being an agent for a wealthy American collector who seeks the ring. She assumed the guise of the Queen in order to gain the cooperation of the underworld. Blake persuades her to assist him against Darius, who he believes to be "Diamond" Donovan, an international criminal. But Darius convinces Diana that Blake and Mary are working against her, and she turns against the Scotland Yard man.
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Herbert Prior
BirthJuly 1867

Herbert Prior

Herbert Prior was born.
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