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American Photojournalist

Ike Altgens

  • Apr 28, 1919 - Dec 12, 1995 (age 76)

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Ike Altgens
PersonalDecember 1995

Ike Altgens

Ike Altgens passed away.
The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald
MovieApr 22, 1964

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

The Trial of Lee Harvey …
The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald is a 1964 American film directed by Larry Buchanan. It is the first speculative trial drama to be produced about Lee Harvey Oswald only a few months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy along with the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald himself. The film was made in Dallas, and served as an idea of what the trial would have been like had it occurred, if Oswald hadn't been killed by Jack Ruby. In the film, the prosecution asserts Oswald committed the crime for political reasons due to his Marxist beliefs, while Oswald's attorney presents an insanity defense, claiming he suffered from untreated paranoid schizophrenia since adolescence. Since the viewer acts as a juror, no verdict is given.
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Free, White and 21
MovieApr 24, 1963

Free, White and 21

The central conflict in this film is whether African-American …
The central conflict in this film is whether African-American businessman Ernie Jones (played by O'Neal) raped Swedish immigrant and civil rights Freedom Rider Greta Mae Hansen (played by Lund). Jones was the proprietor of the hotel at which Hansen decided to stay during her time in Dallas. The movie is primarily a court room drama, with many of the key events portrayed in flashback sequences as Ernie Jones and Greta Mae Hansen testify.
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Beyond the Time Barrier
MovieJul 1, 1960

Beyond the Time Barrier

Experimental pilot testing a …
Experimental pilot testing a new rocket powered craft (actually a Convair F-102 interceptor) manages to fly into the future and land at the now deserted airbase he left. He ends up in a city with people who are suspicious he is a spy and who want to keep him to procreate with the rulers daughter because the majority of the inhabitants are sterile. He manages to escape and return to his own time but "with consequences".
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Clara B. Halliburton
MarriageJuly 1944

Clara B. Halliburton

Married Clara B. Halliburton.
Ike Altgens
BirthApril 1919

Ike Altgens

Ike Altgens was born.
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