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Corsican-American Actress

Irène Bordoni

  • Jan 16, 1885 - Mar 19, 1953 (age 68)
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Irène Bordoni
PersonalMarch 1953

Irène Bordoni

Irène Bordoni passed away.
Musical Comedy Time
TV ShowOct 2, 1950

Musical Comedy Time

Musical Comedy Time released.
Louisiana Purchase
MovieDec 25, 1941

Louisiana Purchase

Graft is rampant in the government of a "mythical" Louisiana, …
Graft is rampant in the government of a "mythical" Louisiana, and the arrival of U.S. Senate investigator Loganberry brings panic. The chief miscreants shift the blame on to their innocent tool, Jim Taylor, who to save himself must "compromise" the simon-pure Senator Loganberry. As his instrument, Jim selects Marina Von Minden, beautiful Viennese refugee. But matters become complicated when Jim falls for Marina... and she takes a liking for the Senator.
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Du Barry Did All Right
MovieAug 7, 1937

Du Barry Did All Right

Aristocratic Frenchwoman …
Aristocratic Frenchwoman Irene Wainwright is hosting a formal party. Conspicuously absent is her husband, good old southern boy John Wainwright, who would rather gamble with his friends. As he refuses to ditch his gambling and as she feels compelled to lie to her guests about the reason for his absence, she, to teach him a lesson, decides to head to New York without him to have some fun. Her scheme is that he will send her money just to placate her, as she has no money of her own. So when he doesn't show up and when he eventually telegrams that he is not sending her money, she has to limit her spending and stall those to who she owes money. John has a plan of his own for his wife, while she comes up with a scheme of her own to deal with her moneyless situation while not kowtowing to John.
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E. Ray Goetz
MarriageOctober 1918

E. Ray Goetz

Edward Ray Goetz (June 12, 1886 – June 12, 1954) was an …
Edward Ray Goetz (June 12, 1886 – June 12, 1954) was an American composer, songwriter, author and producer. He was a charter member of ASCAP in 1914, and was a director until 1917. Goetz appeared in the films Somebody Loves Me (1952), The Greatest Show On Earth (1952) and For Me And My Gal (1942). He wrote the songs "Toddling The Todalo" and "For Me And My Gal". He co-wrote the 50 Million Frenchmen musical play with Herbert Fields and Cole Porter which was released as the 1930 Warner Brothers film Fifty Million Frenchmen.
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Irène Bordoni

Irène Bordoni

Irène Bordoni was born.
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