American Actor

James Corrigan

  • Oct 17, 1867 - Feb 28, 1929 (age 61)
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James Corrigan
PersonalFebruary 1929

James Corrigan

James Corrigan passed away.
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
MovieJan 15, 1927

Johnny Get Your Hair Cut

An orphan is adopted by a …
An orphan is adopted by a kindly old racehorse owner. He decides to pay back his benefactor by training to ride the horse so he can win an important race.
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The Auction Block
MovieFeb 1, 1926

The Auction Block

Bob Wharton marries Lorelei Knight, a beauty contest …
Bob Wharton marries Lorelei Knight, a beauty contest winner. While on their honeymoon, Bob is laughingly abducted by the flirtatious Bernice Lane, who keeps Bob out way past his bedtime (and his rising time, too). Lorelei, having somehow gotten the wrong idea, returns to her North Carolina home alone. But Bob follows, intent on proving his innocence and winning her back. At a charity auction, Bob proves up to the task.
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Durand of the Bad Lands
MovieNov 1, 1925

Durand of the Bad Lands

Upon deciding to move to …
Upon deciding to move to Mexico, Dick Durand sells his ranch and belongings to Sheriff Clem Allison, and Pete Garson, one of Allison's henchman, uses Durand's regalia to commit a number of crimes. Durand returns to vindicate himself and falls in love with Molly Gore, who with her invalid father is struggling to make out on a small ranch. She spurns him at first but softens after he returns with three children, the survivors of a raid on a wagon carrying gold for banker John Boyd. Durand finally establishes his innocence, rescues Boyd's daughter, who is imprisoned in the mine by Pete, and wins Boyd's gratitude and Molly's love.
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Lloyd Corrigan
ChildOctober 1900

Lloyd Corrigan

Lloyd Corrigan (October 16, 1900 – November 5, 1969) was an …
Lloyd Corrigan (October 16, 1900 – November 5, 1969) was an American film and television actor, producer, screenwriter, and director who began working in films in the 1920s. The son of actress Lillian Elliott, Corrigan directed films, usually mysteries such as Daughter of the Dragon starring Anna May Wong (one of a trilogy of Fu Manchu movies for which he has writing credits), before dedicating himself more to acting in 1938. His short La Cucaracha won an Academy Award in 1935.
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James Corrigan
BirthOctober 1867

James Corrigan

James Corrigan was born.
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