James Ellis

  • Mar 15, 1931 - Mar 08, 2014 (age 82)
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James Ellis
PersonalMarch 2014

James Ellis

James Ellis passed away.
Eternal Law
TV ShowJan 5, 2012

Eternal Law

Eternal Law is a 2012 ITV fantasy drama series created by …
Eternal Law is a 2012 ITV fantasy drama series created by Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham. The show stars Samuel West, Ukweli Roach, Orla Brady, Tobias Menzies and Hattie Morahan. Set in York, it is centred on two angels sent to Earth to assist in court cases. The first episode premiered on 5 January 2012. The show was axed after one series due to low ratings.
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Romans 12:20
MovieJan 23, 2008

Romans 12:20

Malky is a tattoo covered nightclub doorman with a penchant for …
Malky is a tattoo covered nightclub doorman with a penchant for violence. His armour is his heavily muscled body, his weapons - his hands and his feet. He has used physical prowess to beat back and keep at bay his many enemies. It is something he has done all his adult life. That is, until now. Malky is forced to come out of his dark world, finding himself at confession where he asks for forgiveness. Not for something he has done, but rather for something he is about to do. Something that will finally lay his hidden past to rest forever.
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Conspiracy of Silence
MovieMay 15, 2003

Conspiracy of Silence

A can of worms is opened …
A can of worms is opened within the Irish Catholic Church following two controversial incidents, the suicide of Frank Sweeney, a parish priest and the expulsion of Daniel McLaughlin, a young trainee priest from a nearby seminary, on the grounds that he was open to the sexual advances of a male colleague. A local journalist, David Foley, is convinced that Sweeney's death and Daniel's expulsion are linked. Desperate to clear his good name and be re-instated, Daniel agrees to talk to Foley. As the story gathers momentum, the Church closes ranks.
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Robina Ellis

Robina Ellis

Married Robina Ellis.
Beth Ellis

Beth Ellis

Married Beth Ellis.
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