American Actress

Jennifer Holt

  • Nov 10, 1920 - Sep 21, 1997 (age 76)
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Jennifer Holt
PersonalSeptember 1997

Jennifer Holt

Jennifer Holt passed away.
Stuart Sherman
MarriageNovember 1953

Stuart Sherman

Married Stuart Sherman.
J. Hugh Davis
MarriageMarch 1951

J. Hugh Davis

Married J. Hugh Davis.
The Tioga Kid
MovieJun 17, 1948

The Tioga Kid

"The Tioga Kid" is a remake of 1946's "Driftin' Kid" with only …
"The Tioga Kid" is a remake of 1946's "Driftin' Kid" with only slight plot changes - hero Eddie Dean now has an identical twin brother working with the outlaws of stock from the original, all of the songs are recycled, most of the character names are the same, and the main difference is Jennifer Holt is now playing the role that Shirley Patterson had in "Driftin' River" as "Jenny Morgan," while most of the original cast - Dennis Moore, William Fawcett, Lee Bennett - are also here using the same character role names and, in some instances, the same footage. Eddie Dean and sidekick Soapy Jones return some stolen cattle (instead of horses) to Jenny Morgan, and Eddie runs off ranch hand Tucson Brown, who is working with the outlaws, led by Joe Morino, that includes Eddie's (unknown to him) twin Clint Mason/The Tioga Kid. After Jenny sees a wanted poster that makes her think Eddie is the Tioga Kid, Eddie has a hard time before bringing the gang to justice, aided by the change-of-heart Tioga Kid. Dean has more shirt changes than usual because of the dual role and stock footage from "Driftin' River."
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Range Renegades
MovieJun 6, 1948

Range Renegades

After Marshal Jordan is honored by Jimmy, Cannonball and …
After Marshal Jordan is honored by Jimmy, Cannonball and others for his forty years as a law officer, the Sawyer mine is blown up by Belle's foreman, Kern, following Sawyer's refusal to sell out. Dan Jordan, the Marshal's son, interested in Belle, secretly the head of the outlaws, is lured by her from scouting the road on which his father guards a ore shipment. Jimmy and Cannonball drive off the outlaws, headed by Kern and Burton, but the Marshal is fatally wounded. The town council appoints Jimmy the new Marshal, which disappoints Dan, but Belle persuades him to become Jimmy's deputy, in order to get information from him about ore and payroll shipments. Dan quits as deputy and fights Jimmy when the latter suspects Belle of involvement in the robberies.
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The Hawk of Powder River
MovieApr 10, 1948

The Hawk of Powder River

The "Hawk" rides into a …
The "Hawk" rides into a western town and restores peace through endless effort.
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Tornado Range
MovieFeb 21, 1948

Tornado Range

Eddie Dean, under orders as a U.S. Land Office agent, is trying to …
Eddie Dean, under orders as a U.S. Land Office agent, is trying to prevent a range war from being started between homesteaders and ranchers when a caravan of the so-called 'Nesters', start ...
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