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American Actress

Jennifer Lyon

  • Feb 27, 1972 - Jan 19, 2010 (age 37)
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Cannibal Feast
MovieOct 1, 2011

Cannibal Feast

In the deep woods of East Texas, no one is safe and no one …
In the deep woods of East Texas, no one is safe and no one can escape. Trapped and running for their lives, a group of college students desperately fight to avoid being the next meal in a Hellish cannibal feast.
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Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer Lyon passed away.
Good Morning, Internet!
TV ShowJun 18, 2008

Good Morning, Internet!

Good Morning Internet is an …
Good Morning Internet is an American web series, which aired on IFC and IFC.com in the United States. Good Morning Internet is a mock morning television show making the transition from broadcast to the internet. The show was produced and filmed in New York City by POYKPAC, a Brooklyn-based comedy troupe.
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Long Pig
MovieMay 9, 2008

Long Pig

A terrifying film that offers a decidedly different take on …
A terrifying film that offers a decidedly different take on the gruesome practice of cannibalism. Long Pig - A culinary term that refers to human beings, which according to documented reports, tastes much like pork. For more than 100 years, Halloween night has traditionally been the night that America's "cannibal elite" feast on Long Pig. These human predators are not some pack of in-bred, toothless, backwood hermits, nor are they deranged escaped psychopaths. They are the powerful, the wealthy, and the elite - CEOs, Senators, Congressmen, and Clergy. They feed upon those whom they deem will add to their power - beautiful young people in the prime of their virility. In secret they meet. In darkness they hunt. In blood they feed. 15 people will become their prey in the dark woods of the lake country. 15 people will fight to keep their own flesh from the teeth of those who would devour them. But, in the end, they might just all become Long Pig served on a platter.
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Jennifer Lyon
BirthFebruary 1972

Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer Lyon was born.
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