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Australian Actor

Jeremy Kewley

  • Aug 16, 1960 (age 59)
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MovieOct 31, 2015


Newman, a young man who was recently in a car accident …
Newman, a young man who was recently in a car accident finds himself suffering from memory loss. But he also starts to have very vivid dreams, all of them circulating around a particular ...
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The Legend Maker
MovieAug 1, 2014

The Legend Maker

Alan Figg, (real name: Alexi Figopoulos), has worked as …
Alan Figg, (real name: Alexi Figopoulos), has worked as a professional forger for over 30 years, from Greece to Guadeloupe, from Poland to Portugal, and is now back in Brunswick where he started all those years ago. Figg prides himself on the fact that he always delivers for his clients - who range from embezzlers to murderers, from the Ukrainian mafia to the South African criminal network based out of Perth - forging passports, bank accounts, university degrees, credit cards, and basically anything that's required to create a new identity and a new life. But Figg is getting old and his tradecraft is beginning to slip. He becomes aware of this when a thug known as the Croat gives him an ultimatum: Work for him 'exclusively' or be rubbed out. Figg isn't intimated easily but this scares the bejesus out of him. But Figg realizes that something doesn't smell right, there's more to this than meets the eye. He needs to figure out what's behind the Croat's threat. To buy time he instructs his assistant, Roy, to conduct business as usual, hoping the Croat will slip-up. In the course of the next twenty-four hours a parade of clients passes through Figg's office. First in is a poncy academic who needs to leave Melbourne and hide out in Italy to avoid arrest for embezzling over two million dollars. Next comes a pathetic individual in his early 30's who killed his son in an accident and is unable to face his family and society's opprobrium. A ballsy woman follows, Yussipova, from the Ukraine. She deals in dodgy credit cards and bank scams. She is desperate to re-vamp her finances after being swindled by a slut from Moldavia. Is one of them in cahoots with the Croat? Who knows! No-one in this game is who they seem to be. When the Croat finally makes his move and kidnaps Roy, Figg bursts into action. Not even Figg could have predicted what eventually goes down.
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Queen of the Bees
MovieJul 1, 2014

Queen of the Bees

After the Great War of 2025, Earth is in a hopeless state of …
After the Great War of 2025, Earth is in a hopeless state of decay. Ten-year-old Alex is a pickpocket, hustling tourists to support himself and his sick mother. After years saving for an airfare to the colonized moon of Titan, where Alex hopes to find a cure for his mother's illness, he winds up on a vendetta with the alluring Queen of the Bees.
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Jeremy Kewley
BirthAugust 1960

Jeremy Kewley

Jeremy Kewley was born.
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