American Actor

Jerry Trimble

  • May 12, 1961 (age 59)
  • 5' 10" (1.78 m)
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Ruby Herring Mysteries: Prediction Murder
TV ShowApr 5, 2020

Ruby Herring Mysteries: Prediction Murder

Ruby Herring Mysteries: Prediction Murder released.
MovieOct 6, 2018


Michael Kelly literally drops everything - his affluent …
Michael Kelly literally drops everything - his affluent Vancouver urban life with his wife and five year old son - and takes off with only the clothes on his back when he receives an anonymous letter from "home" telling him that his younger brother, Kevin Kelly, has gone missing, and that he should come home to help find Kevin. Twenty years ago, he left what he considers his dead end blue collar town and its painful memories in an abusive life without a word to anyone - making receipt of the letter even more surprising since no one from that life was supposed to know where he was - shortly after the death of his mother, who drowned in the river in an accident out fishing with his father. In leaving, he burned bridges with everyone he knew, never expecting to return or see any of them again. That abuse resulted him using his fists both as a means of survival as well as making money. Regardless of the fact that he does learn who sent the letter, Michael, who was better known at the time by the nickname Rabbit, discovers primarily from his father Bobby Kelly and his sister Shauna that Kevin had been dealing with being laid off from the mill and had laid down a $1,000 "wager" against Denny in an issue with Denny's wife, Sara, who used to be Michael's girlfriend. Kevin seemingly disappeared before the wager could be completed. In trying to locate Kevin, Michael will have to revisit his and Kevin's collective past, and in the process deal with some long hidden secrets which makes that past even more painful.
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A Firehouse Christmas
MovieDec 3, 2016

A Firehouse Christmas

Firefighter Jenny has fallen …
Firefighter Jenny has fallen in love with Tom. However his ex-wife Mary (a bestselling author) demands a reconciliation if he wants to see his daughter at Christmas.
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Ami Dolenz
MarriageAugust 2002

Ami Dolenz

Ami Bluebell Dolenz (born January 8, 1969) is an American …
Ami Bluebell Dolenz (born January 8, 1969) is an American actress, film producer, and television producer.
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Jerry Trimble
BirthMay 1961

Jerry Trimble

Jerry Trimble was born.
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